Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Question

We're moving today (ugh!!) and our meter has decided to give us problems.  We bought it last July and it just seems to be giving out.  I've changed the battery and that hasn't helped.  When I stick a test strip in it doesn't turn on immediately and then I have to pull the strip out, re-insert the strip and then it comes on after a couple of tries.  
Can anyone tell me the life expectancy of a meter?  Do I just need to buy a new one?  We're using an AccuCheck Aviva.
Well- back to loading a trailer.  I'd appreciate any help!!!! You guys are the BEST!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Packing and Cleaning for Move #1

We are moving this weekend- to a temporary apartment for a little less than 4 weeks!  Jeff's new employer messed up his training schedule and we were originally have supposed to been on the road to Alaska last weekend. It turned out to NOT be a good weekend to travel as our route was hit by a blizzard and inundated with 18 inches of snow.  That would have been a lot of fun pulling a 12 foot cargo trailer behind us!  Traveling at the end of April will be much safer and we're hoping to see lots and lots of wildlife on the trip.
Currently, I'm up to my elbows in boxes and cleaning.  I have double ovens and only the top one is self cleaning, so I've spent the afternoon in the kitchen. Oh so much fun! My hands look and feel like dried up prunes! The house is mostly packed up, except for the girls bedroom and those things that we need to just survive.  
As far as Jada goes, her morning numbers have been perfect.  However, I've noticed the last few days, that even if she's on the lower side- say, around 100, even a small snack  (8 grams of carbs) in the afternoon will start her steadily climbing until her supper time shot.  Even last week, she wasn't doing this.  I'm thinking it's time to call her endo and send in her recent numbers.  It's nothing alarming, I'm just seeing a new trend for her.  I'm wondering maybe if we're going to have to do a shot at snack time, too-  which just makes me cringe.  I'm thinking it's high time to pursue a pump and I think we will as soon as we are settled in Alaska.
Well- it's back to more cleaning and packing.  Hopefully, I'll remember to stop and fix supper for everyone tonight! LOL!  I can't wait to be done with this!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yesterday's Fun

Yesterday we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for lunch to celebrate a year of living successfully with diabetes.  As usual, I failed to take as many photos as I intended, but did manage to snap a few shots of Jada.  She played hard and we fought some low blood sugars while there!  She fell asleep on the way home and slept for nearly 3 hours!


Monday, March 23, 2009

One Year

One year ago today, my little girl's life changed forever.
One year ago today, my world shattered.
One year ago today, I understood that I couldn't protect my children from everything.
One year ago today, God showed me that He is faithful.
One year ago today, I learned how frail life really is.
One year ago today, I didn't know how I could get my little girl through the next moment--how could I possibly get her through a day or a year?
One year ago today, Jada was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Today, my little girl is full of life and health.
Today, my world is put back together by the loving hands of my Father.
Today, I hold my children much closer and love them more fiercely.
Today, I know that God is always faithful and true.
Today, I know that God uses the frailty of our lives to help us understand our need for Him, to draw our strength from Him.
Today, our family made it through a year.
Today, Jada has lived a year with this disease. Not only has she lived, she has thrived!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feeling Better and Crazy Numbers

Jada made it through yesterday with no major issues.  She actually ran around all morning like nothing was wrong and then crashed on me in the afternoon!  She fell asleep while I was holding her and I just couldn't bring myself to lay her in bed- the little princess slept for more than two hours on my lap!  Yes- I enjoyed it and took a little nap myself!  The rest of the day, Jada was pretty low key, but didn't spike another fever.  Hopefully, she won't spread the love to her siblings! :)
Today, her numbers have been swinging back and forth like crazy!  As high as 350 to as low as (2 hours later) 43.  I treated her with 2 glucose tabs and 15 minutes later she was 245!  Then, an hour and a half later- she was down to 65.    It's been one of those crazy days of just keeping a close eye on her.  She's feeling fine- I just wonder if her being sick yesterday have just messed things up for a little bit.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Not What We Need Right Now

As Jeff and I were thinking about heading to bed last night,  Jada walked into the living room and cuddled up next to me.  Her cheeks were flushed a rosy pink and as I felt her hands, that sense of dread fell over me.  Fever.  Ugh.
Her blood sugar was a little high but okay for night time. Right at 214.  As a precautionary measure I checked urine ketones (she thinks it's a lot of fun to potty on the strip) and she didn't show any signs.  Her temperature was about 101.4 and still rising.  She wasn't upset and said she didn't feel bad.  So, I gave her some ibuprofen and laid down with her.  She wouldn't go back to sleep  because she was in a chatty mood! :)  If she wakes at night, she's usually mad at something and cries non-stop, so I know she didn't feel too bad.
This morning she crawled into bed with me at 7 am and felt just as feverish as last night.  We cuddled (love my morning cuddles with her) for a while and then got up and checked for ketones in her urine again.  And this time- she was showing a small amount.  Her fever is around 100- not too high, but we took some ibuprofen to stay ahead of the game.  I am SO GLAD that she's not vomiting!  
Hopefully, she's just got a little virus that we can stay on top of.  Jeff is headed to the grocery store this morning to stock up on ibuprofen, acetaminophen and regular sprite in case she needs real sugar.  She's got a great appetite and we're waiting for her novolog to kick in so that she can eat.  I didn't see this coming- none of the other kids have been sick.  Actually, I'm glad that she's the first one, otherwise, I would have done nothing but worry!  I guess the only warning that I may have had was that her blood sugar hung out all yesterday afternoon in the low 200's.  Her lunchtime shot just didn't bring her down at all.
We'll see what today brings- it could be interesting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Musings on Moving and Other Things

Spring has for sure sprung here in Oklahoma!  As I'm checking the weather in Fairbanks, I'm glad our moving has been delayed a month!  The temps in Fairbanks are still dipping well below zero- not only at night but during the day as well.  By the time we get up there at the beginning of May- the weather will be gorgeous and the daylight will be close to endless!  
A few weeks ago, we were informed that Jeff would have to complete a few more weeks of training for the restaurant company he's working for.  The franchise that hired him wanted to shorten the training, but the corporate offices sort of put their foot down and didn't give the okay for that.  Well- that sort of put us in a situation, because we had to be out of our house (we're renting) by the end of March!  The bummer is that we have to move twice in a month- the great thing is that we don't have to pay rent or utilities for a month!  The franchise is paying for an apartment for a month and ALL utilities are included.  Obviously, we won't be moving all of our things into the apartment- just those things that we need to get through a month.  The rest will all be neatly packed away in our cargo trailer.  
In our world of diabetes- things are going great!  We stopped by the endo's office on Monday and dropped off her blood sugar log for last week.  When they called me back yesterday- they were very happy with how things looked.  Other than a couple of highs and a couple of lows, her numbers are right on target and with in range.
She had a low last week that somewhat bothered me.  She was in her room playing dress up (she's such a girly girl!) and it had been about two hours since lunch and her shot and I realized that she probably needed checked.  Well- she was happy and playing just fine.  She told me that she's fine.  "I'm not low- just let me play!"  Well, I checked her and she was 47!  And she had no clue!  I've seen her at 60 or 70 and feeling horrible because she's dropping fast!   
Other than that- things are going well.  We're approaching her one year anniversary- March 23 and it seems like I've had a lot of flashbacks lately about our trip to the ER and the ambulance ride to Texas Children's Hospital.  I've also been a little angry, because we not only have March 23 but last year- March 23 was on Easter.  I find myself dreading Easter more so than March 23.  I know they are just days and dates- Jeff keeps reminding me of that.  We do have much to celebrate!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arizona Weekend

                                     My brother and his family.

                                                         My two sweet nephews! 

Me in beautiful Sedona, AZ!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


After many frustrating attempts to blog today- I think, at last, I'll get it done!  
Jeff took Jada to her endo appointment on Monday and it went very well. Her A1C ended up right at 8 %- I'm happy with it because in my mind, we just haven't had the best control lately.  Definitely shooting for a better number next time around and I think it's going to take adjusting her numbers even more than the doctor did on Monday.  Overall, the dr. gave us a good report and was happy with how Jada is doing.  As a mom, I feel like I really missed out by not being there and feel somewhat out of the loop.  
Her correction factor was lowered to 100 from 105 and with the exception of breakfast, her insulin to carb ratio was lowered from 1:35 to 1:30.  Her breakfast insulin to carb ratio was drastically lowered from 1:35 to 1:15!!   And still- this morning she spiked over 300 and  she had her shot 15 minutes before she ate!! So, I'm thinking we're going to have to do some more tweaking with her breakfast numbers.  If we can get her midmorning spikes under control- I think we can get a much better A1C next time, because they tend to set the tone for the day.
So- there it is.  I'm so proud of Jeff for taking her on his own along with 3 other busy kids!  I just wish I could have been there!

Friday, March 6, 2009

OH --- NO!!!!

I can't believe I wrote the wrong date down for Jada's endo appointment!!  I thought it was supposed to be on Monday the 16th.   Holy cow- it's Monday the 9th!! Yes-- in a few days.  And I won't be here!!!! Jeff is going to have to brave this one on his own.  
I'm leaving for Phoenix in just a few short hours and won't be back until late Monday afternoon.  I'm feeling pretty badly about it.  Completely new doctor.  Probably a whole new way of doing things.  Crap.  I'm going to be gone.
So----if any of you think of my husband on Monday- please please please pray for him.  He's only ever been to one of her appointments and that was right after diagnosis.  Pray for a good A1C- I'm expecting it to be high- in my mind we've only had mediocre control of her numbers lately.
Well- off I go.  I'll be back next week with a report- good or bad!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm sitting here- wishing I could go to bed, but need to wait at least another 45 minutes to check Jada to make sure she's going to make it through the night okay.  Never in a million years would I have believed you if had told me that when my baby was 3 1/2 years old would I still worry about her in the middle of the night.  You know what it's like when you bring your newborn home- wondering why they're sleeping so long and hoping to see their little tummy moving up and down rhythmically when you go in to check on them.  Being extra quiet so you can hear them breathe in and out.  Remember those times when they took a deep breath in...then held it long enough for you to begin to panic ever so slightly, then you heard the soft sound of them breathing out, then getting back into their rhythmic breathing pattern?
I do all of that again with Jada.  She crawled into bed with me early this morning.  I wasn't concerned with her being low- at her check last night she was at a perfect number for getting through the night.  As she lay there and fell asleep, I was just naturally in tune with her breathing and there was a moment when she drew in a deep breath and didn't let it out for a very long (or so it seemed) time.  Until this moment, I was never really struck with how much I do this.  Day and night.  For her nap, I am in her room every 20 minutes or so just to make sure she hasn't dropped on me.  Until I go to bed at night, I check on her about every 30 minutes just to make sure I see that little chest raising up and down.
I also remember that feeling of wanting my kids to just get a "little" older so that I could experience a little more freedom.  Not having to worry about midnight feedings and whether or not they could die from something like SIDS.   Midnight feedings happen more often now than they did when my kids were babies.  And now I know that she has something potentially life threatening and it will kill her if I'm not vigilant.  Vigilance is hard and tiring and there are so many days that I long for my pre-diabetes life.  I'm tired of this disease.