Thursday, April 30, 2009

Scary Low(s)

This trip has had it's challenges for sure.  We had the vehicle break down, then ran into a blizzard which delayed us by a day and we decided to make up for it by driving over night again and now we are back on track with beautiful weather.  Oh- the trailer we are hauling got a flat tire yesterday because we hit a huge pothole that seemed to come out of nowhere!  
Yesterday, we arrived in Ft Nelson, British Columbia after a long 20 hours in the car.  Jada had been sleeping- before she fell asleep I checked her and she was 99.  I gave her about 3/4 of a granola bar (I think the whole bar had about 30 grams of carbs)- I actually thought I was giving her too much, but wanted to be safe as we've had some lows that were too low.  She slept for a couple of hours and woke up when we arrived here at our hotel.  We unloaded, Jeff took a cat nap and then it was time to go swimming.  The kids were excited because the pool has a waterslide.  Naturally- I checked Jada before swimming and she was !!!29!!!  I nearly freaked out- I couldn't believe she was walking and talking like nothing was wrong.  I gave her 3 glucose tabs and as she began to eat, the effect of the low began to set in.  I was holding her and she could barely lift her head up and kept telling me that she was tired and wanted to go to sleep.  I kept talking to her and after about 5 minutes, she was doing better.  After ten minutes, I checked her again- good ole' rebound effect- 435! :) We went ahead and went swimming, but she continued to drop steadily and by the time supper came around, she didn't need a shot because she was around 100.  I even had to wake her up at midight to have a snack because she was 105 and she still woke up at 60 this morning.  Oh- and before that scary afternoon low- she hadn't had any fast acting insulin since breakfast.  Any suggestions?  Now- I will expect some lows today with all of the swimming activity she's had and am prepared to feed her the extra carbs.  The other lows don't make a lot of sense to me as she has done nothing but sit in a vehicle almost constantly the last 3 days.  
Well- I'm glad to have got that off my chest.  The hotel we are staying at has pretty sketchy internet service and I hadn't been able to open up blogger until a few minutes ago. I have been unable to catch up on everyone's blogs this week and I really feel like I've missed out.  So- hopefully, I'll get a little reading in before we have to check out.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Somthing Just Had to Go Wrong!!!

Everyone is safe, healthy- Jada's numbers have been unbelievably good- only once over 200 in the last two days!  Her insulin adjustment has worked wonderfully, too--no high spikes and no nose-dives either.  She has stayed almost perfectly in range- even at her birthday party with cake and ice cream!
We left Saturday night at 11:30 from Jeff's dad's in Iowa.  The weather was rainy and windy.  We're hauling a 6 x 12 trailer packed to the gills with our stuff.  It was slow going- only able to go about 55 uphill on the interstate and 65 downhill.  The kids slept great- Jada's numbers were great and at 6:30 am we stopped for breakfast in Chamberlain, SD along the mighty Missouri River. As we continued, it rained harder and by the time we reached Wall, SD-  it was SNOWING!!  We had hoped to stop at Mt. Rushmore, but decided to stop at Wall Drug instead since it was indoors.  After we left, the snow got heavier, but the roads were good.  As a matter of fact, the scenery was quite beautiful.  The Black Hills covered in snow is quite a spectacular sight.  We crossed into Wyoming and it quit snowing.  The sun came out and we soon lost track of the number of antelope that we were seeing.  When we reached central Wyoming, we were able to see the Big Horn mountains, which are part of the Rockies.  Beautiful.  It's the first time since moving back that I've seen anything bigger than the Ozark Mountains.  
Obviously, with this kind of terrain- lots of hills- it was tough on the vehicle.  When we reached Sheridan Wyoming,  the check engine light started flashing at us and by the time we reached Billings, MT, the rig was shaking (we drive an Expedition).  This morning Jeff took it a dealership and found out that we broke the coils- possibly because of the weight of the trailer.  It's fixed- but it took  a chunk out of the budget. :(  It also delayed us by a half day, so it means an all nighter again tonight.  It's looking like we're going to have to lighten the load on the trailer- maybe take some mattresses back to Sam's that haven't been slept on, send some boxes ahead and possibly get rid of some of the heavier furniture that we're not attached to.  
Well- everyone is waiting on me.  Time to grab some lunch and give a shot! 
I appreciate everyone's prayers- I do believe that God is holding us right in the palm of His hand. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moving and Traveling Update

I have some momentary quietness before I need to get busy for Jada's birthday party.  We're in Glenwood, IA  at Jeff's dads for a day and my parents and sister and her family are coming to celebrate Jada's birthday tonight. We're hoping then to get on the road late tonight and make it all the way to Billings Montana by tomorrow night.  
We used to have a problem with Jada spiking super high by lunch time- lately, we've consistently had bad lows by 11 am every day- in the 40's and 50's.  I thought I would try to stay ahead of it today, so I checked her at 9:30 am and and she was 215.   I was happy with the number and that we would be able to make it to lunch time with no problem.  We drove to Omaha to meet a college friend for coffee this morning and at 11 am- on the dot- Jada goes from being extremely happy to almost combative and complaining of a tummy ache.  She had nose dived to 45!  It's the third time this week that we've had this happen.  I'm not sure what to do- her insulin to carb ratio is 1:10 and it's going to be hard to be in touch with a dr. this week.  Jeff and I talked this morning about going back up to 1:15 and just making sure she had at least 15-20 minutes before she eats.  If anyone has suggestions- let me know!
Well- it's time to wrap some gifts and do some laundry.  I'll try to check in tomorrow night from the great state of Montana!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving and Jada Update

Less than 48 hours until we leave Tulsa!  I'm frustrated because the internet connection at our apartment isn't working!  I'm at Panera (oh yeah- another thing I'll miss! ) checking email, FB and my blog!  I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to some of you--- I will just as soon as I have time!
Jada's numbers have been all over the place!  From a low of 43 yesterday - shaking, sweating, crying- I felt so bad for her- to highs over 300.    I think it is mostly due to the fact that our schedule is WAY off!  We're hoping to keep somewhat of an "eating schedule" while on the road next week- but we all know how things happen or don't happen while traveling.
I would totally appreciate everyone's prayers for us over the next ten days.  While we're excited, it's still a tough adjustment for everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things To Do Before We Leave

We are down to the last few days here in Tulsa and I've been thinking of some things that need to get done before we go- other than finishing packing.  I LOVE Alaska and I LOVE living there, however- when you live in that part of the world, there are just some things that are not readily available.  This is my last week to do and buy some of those "Lower 48" things!
1. Eat at Pei Wei.  Oh my goodness- I will miss this place.  I get several cravings a month for Pei Wei- but we have restrained ourselves and only eaten there or got take out from there a couple of times in the last several months.  We have "heard" that Anchorage is getting a P.F. Changs (they also own Pei Wei) but whether it's true or not remains to be seen.  Anchorage is also 6 hours from Fairbanks, so it's not like we can just get a fix whenver we want!
2. Krispy Kreme.  No such thing can be found in the great land of Alaska.  Need to drive by when the "hot now" sign is on so that we can have one last melt in your mouth yeasty donut before we leave.
3.Target.  Anchorage now has a Target.  Wasilla might have one as well.  There was one slated for Fairbanks, but got put on the back burner, I think due to the recession.  I MUST go in for one more browse before we go, because, like P.F. Changs, the closest Target will be 6 hours away.
4. The mall.  The mall in Fairbanks- The Bentley Mall- is affectionately referred to by locals as "The Bentley Hall".  It's size is comparable to one end section of a small mall here in the Lower 48 and it's anchored by a Safeway on one side and a Michael's on the other.   Now- I'm not a mall junkie, but do occasionally enjoy looking and letting the girls play in the play area.  The major department store in Fairbanks- Gottschalk's- is closing, so I best get my department store fix, too!  Anchorage has a great J.C. Penney's and a couple of "decent for Alaska" malls- but again- 6 hours away.
5.Enjoy some good fresh produce.  Alaska doesn't get the best produce in the world and it's DANG expensive!!  The bananas are WAY green in the grocery store and taste awful- I think because they have to pick them so early to get them all the way to Alaska before they go bad.  Melons- holy cow.  Can you say $10 for a watermelon??? $10 for cantaloupe???  Tomatoes aren't near as sweet.  And the Alaskan grown tomatoes- they may look nice and get big, but tomatoes need heat and people, Alaska doesn't get HOT!  Apples are always consistently good- which is a great thing, because my kids love apples!
6.Bath and Body Works.  I'm not aware of Anchorage having a Bath and Body Works- they may have since we moved back.  I need to stock up on anti-bacterial hand soap and my yummy smelling hand sanitizer.  I know I can order online, but who really wants to pay for shipping???  And shipping is NEVER free to Alaska!
These are just a few things off the top of my head that I came up with- I'm sure if I asked Jeff, he could list off a dozen other things that are here in the Lower 48 and not in Alaska.  I'm sure you'll all here about them, too, after we move and begin to miss some of our favorite stuff!  One thing that is greatly loved in our house is GOOD COFFEE and Alaska has an abundant supply on every street corner of GOOD COFFEE!  We should be just fine! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

One Week

One week from right now, we will be on our way to Iowa to say goodbye to our family one last time and then heading on to Alaska from there.  Two weeks from right now, we should be in Fairbanks- barring some great disaster on the road.  We spent the day packing and organizing our cargo trailer!  I'm in "move mode" again and don't think I'll be able to shut it off until we are in the rig and heading north!  I'm trying to get all the kids clothes down to the absolute necessities for the next couple of weeks- I really don't need a lot of laundry hanging over my head at this point!  I do have a couple of prayer requests- one that is somewhat urgent.  
I had blogged (a few posts back) about Jada's prescriptions not being sent.  Well- we still don't have them.  Evidently, the insurance company had her date of birth wrong and after several calls being made, I think we finally have it straightened out.  They have "ultra-prioritized" her order, as the last day that we will be able to receive packages here will be on Thursday of next week.  Hopefully, we'll get it on Monday or Tuesday.  We have just enough test strips to get us through plus a back up meter if we need to use it.
Second request- we don't have a place to live yet in Alaska!  There is a house that we would LOVE to rent, but the owner needs to decide if he's going to put it on the market (he's moving to California) or let us rent it now and buy it later.  Unfortunately, we aren't in the position to buy currently, but should be in a year.  We are going to stay with some very dear friends of ours when we arrive, but it is of the utmost importance that we get settled ASAP.  This time of year, housing gets hard to come by up there because the state has an influx of seasonal workers and rentals go quickly.  Having a dog doesn't help either- most landlords don't want animals.
Other than that- all is well.  Jada has had excellent numbers- her 30 day average is 156- right on target!  I thought she was getting a cold, but I think it's just allergies.  This next week should go quickly.  I have several people that I need to catch up with!  Jamie- if you read this- I'm sorry I haven't called you yet!!!!! :(  I will- I promise!  Any of my Tulsa friends who read this-- Facebook me- would love to get together for coffee!  I can't believe we're down to the last week.

Eli fixin' pancakes on our camping stove. 

Jeff fixin' up the cargo trailer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We spent the weekend in Iowa with my side of the family and had an amazing time.  Of course, I had been concerned about candy and high blood sugars- but instead, we spent our time at church battling awful lows- 39! Yikes!! She then jumped up to 117 and then 15 minutes later- back down to 49!  The rest of the day, the highest she got was in the low to mid-100's.  Not too shabby for a holiday where I had been concerned about high blood sugars!  She played and played non-stop the entire weekend- I think all of the exercise definitely had an effect on her numbers.  So- she did get to eat a little more candy than originally planned and I am totally ok with that!  It's so nice when she can eat just like everyone else!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Not Forever

Jada was helping me in the kitchen the other day- unloading the silverware from the dishwasher and sorting it for me.  This is pretty much "her job" and she talks my leg off while she's doing it.  As we were chatting about little girl stuff- she changed the subject very quickly.  She looked at me and said, "Will I have diabetes when I die?"  Totally took me off guard.  She'll be 4 in two weeks-  where do they come up with this?  However- I was so glad she asked because I knew that I could give her the best answer possible.  "No Jada, because when we know Jesus and go to heaven, He takes all of our sickness and pain away and makes us new.  No- you will not have diabetes forever!"
It usually takes a child to remind us that we are on this earth temporarily and that the sorrows and sufferings of this life are temporary.  I've asked Him over and over to heal Jada, but if it's not His will, then I don't want it to happen.  I do believe that "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord" and that He will use this for good in her life- just as He does all things.  When Jeff and I were first married, I would never have thought that Jeff struggling with alcoholism could work together for good- but it has. After 4 1/2 years of recovery for both of us, God has done amazing things and our marriage is turning into something more beautiful and better than I EVER thought possible.  So-  I don't know what Jada's life will look like, but it will be beautiful.  Her struggles will be used to encourage someone else in their life with this disease and someday, she just may look back and say, "Thank you Lord, for this journey, because I wouldn't be who I am without it!"

REVELATION 21:4    He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.  (English Standard Version)

Monday, April 6, 2009


Just typing in my frustration right now!  In March, all of Jada's prescriptions expired, but we had enough supplies to get us through the month of April.  Last Monday, I called our prescription mail order company to have them fax the list of prescriptions to our dr.'s office here in Tulsa.  They told me no problem, we'll have it done today.  In the past, they've been pretty quick about getting things done and we've received excellent service.  No complaints.  The dr's office told me that they also should be able to turn it around pretty quickly and get the renewed prescriptions back to the mail order company pretty quickly- within 24 hours.  So- I called this morning to check on the status of her prescriptions and the pre-recorded woman told me that no orders had been placed!!    I wanted to yell at her!  So- I had to call again because there were no options to continue on and the automated phone service dropped me 5 times before I could get through again!  The gal(real person) on the other side said that it appears to have been faxed and to call the doctor.  So.... I call Dr. C's office and the very kind gal who answered the phone looked through Jada's chart for me.  NO prescription refill orders had been faxed in for her.  The last record of anything happening was a follow up call on her blood sugar log.  Sooo....back to the mail order company I go.  This time it only took me 4 tries to get through after the automated phone system kept dropping me- I don't  know- maybe they get a heavy influx of calls on Monday mornings and the system can't keep up with it.  So- I get another gal who is finally of some help.  I explained to her what happened and she put me on hold so that she could figure out what happened.  Apparently- our Dr.'s phone number- her main line- wasn't in their records so they couldn't fulfill the order!  They had the appropriate fax number!  It really bothered me because all they had to do was call us or send us an email and it would have been taken care of!  
Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but we are leaving this weekend to go to my sister's house and I'm afraid that I won't have enough extra supplies to take with me.  She lives in a small town and there isn't a Wal-Greens anywhere close.  We can go through our local Wal-Greens if we have to, but it is so much more expensive.  The receptionist at Dr. C's office told me that she would keep an eye out for the request and do her best to get it done and turned around to our mail order company right away.  
Okay- end of my airing out of my grievances!  I'm going to try not to worry about this!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Settled For a Little While

It's been a lo-o-o-ong week!  But now we are in our temporary place til we can make that glorious drive (some wouldn't call it that- but it's one amazing road trip) to Alaska.  I get those good, exciting butterflies in my tummy when I think about it.  I feel like a kid who is anticipating Christmas! :)  I just can't wait to go!
We had a few days that we were completely off schedule, which proved to be difficult with Jada's blood sugar.  Normally, they are somewhat predictable because I try to maintain a pretty good eating schedule with her.  The few days it took for us to move was hard, because we just never ate at the right time- always an hour or more later than usual.  It's going to be interesting taking a week long car trip with having to deal with this!   We should be able to maintain an eating schedule- we're planning on taking most of our food.  However, road trips with her in the past usually result in high blood sugar numbers.  My guess is the lack of activity.  
The next few weeks should be fairly "normal" for us.  Our daily schedule has remained the same.  We've moved so much that we've found the kids do much better in transition if we keep as much as possible the same.  School time, rest time in the afternoon and bedtime are all non-negotiable for us.  As soon as we are in Alaska, we'll go back to doing the same thing that we do down here.  Although, it will be more difficult, because I'm going to want to spend time catching up with all of our friends!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've Caught a Lil' Bug

Last night at 1 a.m.,  Eli woke up vomiting.  Jeff had a late night at work, so both of us were still up, just catching each other up on our day.  My first thought when I heard him was, "Oh crap."  And then, the mom guilt set in because rather than thinking about Eli and what I could do to help him, my first thought was Jada and what this could do to her if she caught the bug.  How pitiful is that??? And immediately after asking Eli if he was okay, I went on to remind him that he might need to stay in his room tomorrow until we know he's over it.  The poor kid.   I took Jada's toothbrush- which was in the general vicinity of his and boiled it.  Am I over reacting?  Most likely. :)
Eli returned to bed without any further incident and woke up this morning feeling fine.  I, however, worried all day that at any moment, Jada or David or Mary Beth would suddenly be sick as well.  We've had lots of handwashing today!! Tonight at supper, David complained of a tummy ache and he had that "look"- whitish face, clammy skin, circles under his eyes.  He hasn't puked and went to bed saying that he felt better.
I know that I'm probably freaking out a little too much.  Last fall, though, we had a week where the other kids just had a fever and body aches and when Jada finally caught it, her ketones went through the roof temporarily and almost had to go to the ER.  I am so afraid of that happening again and what makes it worse, is that in the end, if she's been exposed, she will most likely get sick and there's nothing I can do about it.