Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In Loving Memory of Shamae......

It sometimes takes special circumstances to meet special people.  Life in our household changed in March of 2008.  Just a month prior, February 2008, a different family, in a different state, went through a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, as we would the following month.  In the months that followed, I began to reach out in search of other people, looking for "same".... I needed to know that I was NOT alone.  Somehow, people began to find me before I found them and Shamae was one of them.  

Just like our kiddos blood sugars with diabetes, our life took on a roller coaster.  What used to be a steady routine for all of us D-moms before diagnosis, was nothing but exhaustion, worry and constant interruption to our daily schedule. In these moments...or between...or after.....we could jump on Facebook or blog our hearts out and find immediate connection, empathy and encouragement.  Basal rates, ketones, BGL, MDI's,  I:CHO, glucagon, etc..... we all learned this new vocabulary together.   We had moments of great triumph and moments of sadness and fear with sick kids.  Through all of this, friendships were formed, we got to know more about each other than just diabetes and we loved each other.  

Shamae led the pack with love.  Love is a verb...it's shown in your actions.  I'll never forget the time after we had moved back to Alaska, and I couldn't find a particular snack that I wanted to have for Jada.  You know...it had just the right amount of carbs, not much fat and plenty of protein.  I can't even remember what now what it was.  She jumped right in and offered to throw some in the mail.  That is just how she was.  She was always quick to be the cheerleader, too.  A bad day was made good when you heard from Shamae.  

Shamae...my friend....you are missed so much.  My heart is heavy for your family and the pain that I know they're experiencing right now.  Their circumstances have changed so dramatically and so quickly.  My prayers are with them almost constantly now.  You, however, have moved on.  The cares and burdens of this world have slipped away.  Slumber in peace, my faithful friend.  Your life and legacy lives on in three beautiful little girls who will change their world.