Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Can't Believe How Much I've Missed!

I got a call last night that the computer was fixed and picked it up this morning. At the first opportunity of quiet, I jumped on and just couldn't believe all of the news that I've missed out on! I feel SO behind! My laundry is caught up, though, and my house has stayed cleaner! :)

Jada had a dr.'s appointment today with Dr. W. Just her well child check and all went well. We discussed her low blood sugar episodes and Dr. W told me to just adjust the insulin to carb ratio as we need to. And because Jada usually just eats cereal for breakfast, she suggested finding some ways to add some extra fiber to slow down absorption. I so wish I were more of a morning person...if I took the time to cook her breakfast so she could have some protein like eggs, it would probably be better for her. I just have such a hard time rolling out of bed in the morning. We also scheduled her next diabetic check up for 2 months from now and it's at that appointment that we'll begin our serious talks about a pump! Woohoo! I'm so ready!

It is good to be back and blogging again. Hopefully, I'll be able to respond to everyone's post soon. We've been enjoying 3 days straight of snowfall...just beautiful, powdery snow. The roads have been bad and people are driving like maniacs, but that's pretty typical for the beginning of the winter season. We'll get more snow on the roads and they won't be so slick and in a few days, everyone will be used to it again. Our highs have been around 25 and lows into the single digits. I think I saw that next week, we'll be dipping below zero at night. Time to plug the vehicle in! Ahhh.....gotta love the winters here!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Computer is Down.....Reallly Down! computer crashed. Like...really crashed. I thought Macbooks were infallible....maybe not! I do still love it though! dear friend Dellie let me jump on her computer tonight to check facebook and email and of course, my blog. I feel like my right arm or eye or ear has been cut off without my laptop! UGH! My house is cleaner, though.....hmm....must be a connection there somewhere!
So, we are still having some issues with Jada's blood sugar plummeting, but it usually happens midmorning, so I'm checking more frequently and just give her a decent snack between 9:30 and 10:00 am. I've cut back more on her insulin to carb ratio after every meal, because she is going to low almost every time. It's kind of wierd, almost as if her pancreas has kicked back in a little bit. She's enjoying the carbs right now, that's for sure! :)
All in all,things are going well. Jeff takes off in the morning to spend the week in Anchorage for training for work. I'm excited for him...the job is going well and he's really enjoying it. Life outside of the restaurant industry is just swell! Our weather is still incredibly warm for Alaska in late was 47 degrees yesterday and around 40 today. We split, cut, delivered and stacked wood today. So thankful for warm weather to do it in.
Well...this needs to be a short one. Hopefully, I'll be able to check in later this week at some point. Adios amigas!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Craziness Update

On Monday, the craziness from the previous day continued. We did fine through Sunday night, and I don't remember what she woke up, but Jeff dosed her for breakfast. When it was time for lunch on Monday, at about 11:30, I checked her and she was 77. We were having spaghetti with alfredo sauce, so I went ahead and gave her Novolog, because she loves pasta and typically eats a ton of it. Only .5 unit, because it didn't even calculate out that she needed any, but typically she needs a little something, otherwise, she'll just skyrocket. We (no school on Monday- the kids were all home) all sat down together and not even 5 minutes later, she begins to complain about her tummy hurting. Then it spirals down from there.....she began to wobble in her seat and I jump up just in time to catch her from falling. She couldn't get food onto her fork and kept saying, "I can't eat, I can't eat". I grabbed some glucose tabs and a juice box and all the while, David is standing behind her, making sure she doesn't fall again. I test her....23. Not even 10 minutes had passed since the last reading. I was stunned. She recovered fairly quickly, but I kept a close eye on her and about an hour later, had to give her a snack of bread and butter before her nap because she certainly didn't have enough carbs in her to recover from the low AND to cover the insulin I gave her. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly.

This morning, we cut back on her insulin to carb ratio. We went from 1:10 to 1:12 and also cut the Lantus back to 3 units to 2.5 units. I also checked her at 9:30 am and she was at 148. Now...that's a very good number...but there was no way that she was going to make it to lunch. So I gave her a graham cracker (12g) and it helped a little....she was 85 at lunch. Lunch consisted of a hot dog, half a banana and cottage cheese. I didn't give her any insulin with lunch and an hour later she had risen to 149. She stayed right that range straight through her nap , waking up at 155. She had some cheese for a snack and I decided we just needed to what those numbers were going to do. When everyone got home from school, we checked again and she had dropped to 114. So, I gave her 2 sheets of graham crackers (24 g) and when I checked her at 5, she was at 189. We picked Jeff up from work and just before dinner at 6, the meter again read 189. Taco soup and corn chips for dinner, I think she had 19 grams of carbs total and it worked at to 1 unit of insulin. I gave it to her and then left to go lead the women's recovery group. When I got home 3 hours later, Jeff had already checked her again and she was 62. He had given her more graham crackers and marshmallows (gotta love Daddy- he gives the good sweet treats). I just checked her a minutes ago, and she had already dropped to 97. Now, I know that graham crackers don't have enough "stuff" to get her through the night....but I was hoping that it would last a little longer than it did.

So...we've dialed back the insulin some and we are checking her like crazy! Last night, I was spent...wiped out...ready to quit....and then God stepped in. I went to a Concert of Prayer last night- Jeff HIGHLY encouraged me to go--like nearly forced me out the door. I didn't want to, but knew that I needed to! I knew that if I went, that I would be a basket case of emotions and indeed, I was. There were about 12 people there and close to the end, our worship leader asked if anyone had any needs/concerns that needed prayed for. Of course, I didn't volunteer, but after we had prayed for a close friend, our pastor looked right at me and said "I think we need to pray for Jada" and I LOST it. They gathered around, layed their hands on me and prayed with all their might...for her healing, for Jeff and I as we try to manage this, for our other kids and for our recovery ministry. I had a release of emotions that was such a long time coming! I LOVE the people in our church and how they love our family....they truly are our "Alaska" family. When I got home, Jeff sent me to bed for some much needed sleep and took care of Jada through the night. First full nights sleep in a couple of weeks and I desperately needed it.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that God is good- ALL of the time, not matter what happens. His grace has been sufficient for me through this point and will ALWAYS be. I am content with that.

Monday, October 19, 2009


The last 24 hours have been some of the craziest that we've had since her diagnosis. It all started when I forgot to give her Lantus at dinner time. ugh. She was on the low side...about 90....and having a grilled cheese to eat (12g), a small scoop of cottage cheese and a few baby carrots. I assumed that I just needed to treat this like her bedtime snack as well, seeing that it was 7 p.m. and she would be heading to bed within the hour. So, I didn't give her a shot of novolog...and it all calculated out that she didn't need any. Well, because I didn't give her novolog, the Lantus just slipped my mind, because I always combine the two.

She was in the mid-100's an hour later and I knew she would continue to go up some more, but it still hadn't hit that I'd forgotten the Lantus. At midnight, she was 350 and when I saw the number, I realized what I had done! Okay, what to do next? I had been wanting to switch her Lantus back to morning for this very reason....I've nearly forget every night! But if we do it in the morning, it just fits in our routine so much better. She eats breakfast at the same time and we don't have somewhere crazy to run off to. So, I decided to give her a correction and then would just wait til morning and give her the Lantus then. I had the brilliant plan of giving her half of the dose of Novolog that she normally would, because I was afraid she would crash on me. So, I give her a unit and decide to stay awake, just in case there are any problems. An hour later she was down to she was falling fast and I began to realize that this could be long night. :( Half an hour later, she was down to 78! Woke her up, gave her about 10 grams of carbs (hot chocolate) and she and I conked out on the couches. At close to 5, I woke up and checked her....67. Ugh. Juice box, then she and I went to bed.

I think Jeff told me that she woke up at 108. I'm not sure how much she had at breakfast, because Jeff did it all. to church we go. I always check her before she heads to Sunday School and today she was 191. Perfect. 15 minutes before the service is over, Jada's Sunday School teacher runs into the theater (yes- our church meets in a movie theater) with Jada in her arms! Jada can hardly hold her head up....I run for her juice and check her while she's drinking it.....28. CRAP. I went ahead and gave her a granola bar, too, because I had the feeling that juice wasn't going to cut it.

I must say, I am SO glad that Miss Amy was her teacher today, because she is one of the most attentive, observant people that I know and she clued in on Jada quickly. She said that Jada suddenly became very quiet and the color was completely gone from her face. She grabbed Jada by the hand to bring her to us and Jada kept falling down, so she scooped her up and ran to get us. THANK YOU Miss Amy for your quick thinking! And I think it's time to send her meter and a snack with her to Sunday School!

So, I was thinking the drama for the day really should be over, but we have fought lows all day long. Even after eating pizza for lunch of all things! I even dosed her for half of what she should have and she still fell to 68. Grocery shopping at Wal-mart this evening turned into treating a low of 48 in the checkout line.

I'm tired tonight as I'm waiting to check her before I head to bed. I'm really hoping that she's on the high side, I will go crazy if I have another sleepless night! At least this time, if she is, I know that she's got that Lantus working to keep the numbers down.

I'm hoping for a much better night tonight!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Color Our World BLUE!

Who else is TIRED of this disease being misunderstood??? Of people thinking that insulin is a CURE???? Of the food police who say our kids can't eat SUGAR?? Or--that if we had just fed our kids right to begin with....they NEVER would have acquired diabetes!! It's time for some AWARENESS and that's what we're going to create!!
If you are even REMOTELY as frustrated about this as the rest of us, then it's time to step up and take some action. World Diabetes Day is November 14 and it's time to make some noise. Joanne - who is an amazing, blogging D-mom, is getting price quotes on t-shirts that will support this cause and that we can all wear together and stand in SOLIDARITY on November 14th. Head to her blog- Death of a Pancreas- and let her know that you are interested in a shirt. It's time to color the world BLUE!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


DONE DONE DONE! I am DONE with insulin pens. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong with them. I'm following the instructions. I'm counting to 20- yes- TWENTY- after injecting her to make sure it all gets in her little body and insulin is STILL spilling onto her arm. And we are having horrible- awful- high numbers. Last night, she hung out in the 400's and woke up at 285. She came down to 155 at lunch, but after lunch she was 430! And...insulin spilled onto her arm even after I dosed her for half a unit more than she needed just in case that happened. We gave her a correction at snack time and she was down to 180 at dinner. What am I supposed to do...guess how much insulin made it inside and try to make up for it???
Sorry for my rant, but there is no NEED for these numbers. And it's NOT good for her. So there. That's it. I'm DONE.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's the Weekend

Whew......made it through this week! Jeff has started his new job....working 8-5 Monday through Friday which is a huge change for us. In our 12 years of marriage he has never once had a Monday through Friday job! Do I miss the restaurant business??? NOPE! Not one bit! :)

I've also had a change in my routine as well. I'm now watching 2 sweet little ones....a little girl (age 2 1/2) and her baby brother (4 months) during the week. It's been a welcome change for me...I didn't realize just how much I missed having a baby around!!! So, I'm getting my baby fix and Jada has a playmate during the day while everyone else is at school!

On the D-front, things are just so-so. This last week hasn't been as frustrating as the week before, but she is consistently high- like really high- at her midnight check- which is what we were trying to keep from happening. I really wish we would just go back to how we were doing things, and we might. Jada has a well child check in two weeks and we'll be discussing that!

So, talking about those high numbers- last night was the worst she's had since I don't know when! I checked her at 11:30 and she was in the mid-200's. I decided to go to bed and then set my alarm for 2:00 am. I woke up at 1:30 to Jada at my bedside telling me that she's thirsty. So, we check---- 550!!! What???? I'm not sure what happened. We had pizza for dinner--so that may have done it. She's not had a problem with pizza in the past, but maybe it's something I need to be more careful of in the future. So, I gave her a correction and sent her back to bed. She woke up at 70...but has been tired and crabby all day. have I. ;)

In other news, the last few days we've had spectacular weather for October in Alaska. Nearly 60 degrees today...not too shabby for just being about 180 miles south of the Arctic Circle! We'll take it...because once it's's gone until the end of April.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Late Night Update

We are nearly at a week since we switched her Lantus dosage to night and I'm still not happy with the changes, but I'm not nearly as frustrated either. I have seen a gradual improvement in numbers and I've spent a lot of time thinking about what possibly could have gone wrong.
We've not changed the amount of Lantus that she's taking- just the time of day. I would have thought that after a few days, it would have straightened itself out. We also did 3- yes- count'em- 3- changes at the same time.

1. We moved the Lantus to evening.
2. We changed to the Novopen, Jr.
3. And.....we've changed to the Lantus pen.

And...I don't think I like the pens and I think the Novopen is causing some VERY high numbers after meal times. When I give her the shot of insulin from the pen, we ALWAYS have some leaking onto her arm and some is dripping out of the tip. I count to 10 (would go longer but are you kidding me? I can barely get her to sit still for that long!) and when I pull it out, I have to wipe the insulin off of her arm. Today, at lunch I dosed her for 35 grams of carbs- she ate only about 3/4 of it and when she woke up from her nap she was 421!! I ended up giving her a shot (syringe) for her snack and she was back down to 116 at dinner which ROCKS! :) That has been the consistent story with her and I really think these wacky high numbers are more due to her Novopen, Jr. than the switching to night.

Well- that's the short of it. I'm so tired I can hardly see the screen! Thank you ladies for your supposrt and encouragement!! Love you all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I'm beginning to think this Lantus switch to night thing IS A


Lantus at Night

We did it- got that Lantus switched over to night. Now- we'll watch those numbers over the next few days and see what happens. As I mentioned in my last post, she ran high all day yesterday and I just assumed that she would run high during the night as well, with things getting straightened out during the day today.



At her midnight check, she was in the low 60's. She was oh so tired and she refused to eat a slice of bread and butter- all I could get down her was a juice box- 15 grams. What do you do? I knew that she needed something more substantial than juice- but knew that I would be keeping a close eye on her and would be able to catch a crash.



I checked her 20 minutes later and she was on her way up- 146. I went to bed and set my alarm for two hours later- 2:30 am. She was 160. Good- I can sleep some more. 4:30 a.m. 155. Down a little, but not too much of a change. I thought- she's good. I can sleep til it's time for everyone to wake up.



Jada had crawled into bed with us at some point after her last check and when she heard Jeff get up- she did, too. About 7:30 am. I lay there and I could hear her meter beep as he took her blood sugar. !!46!! WHAT???

Maybe I should have woken up at 6 or 6:30 to check her again....maybe I should have checked her after I knew she was in bed with us. Who the heck knows....

I'm sure that changing things up did affect her. She wasn't very active yesterday- it's getting colder here and not as comfortable to play outside for extended periods of time.

Any how...after all that.....Jeff forgot to give her the morning dose of Novolog! :) We figured that part out about an hour after she ate and she had only climbed to 224. At lunch, she was down to 180- so we didn't mess up too badly.

Poor girl. I'm amazed at how she thrives in spite of us!