Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blogging in the Dark

It's approx. 11:45 pm and Jada is resting next to me on the couch. The lights are out in the living room and the screen on the computer give me barely enough light to see the keyboard. She's on the couch because I checked her and her blood sugar was 101. I was hoping to go to bed after I checked her, but not tonight. She got to have a big ol' glass of chocolate milk to get her through the night. She was pretty cute while drinking it. All of the sippy cups were in the dishwasher so I had to help her hold the cup while she drank with a straw. Her head bobbed around and I kept having to move the cup in sync with her head! Little sweetie. Now I'm just waiting for her to get into a deep enough sleep so that she will stay in her bed- and not decide to wander into our room any time soon.
My college roommate was here for two nights with her two little boys. It was SO GOOD to see her and to meet her little boys- who are really too cute for words. It's so different to see her in mother mode and she is awesome at it! It's amazing how quickly we picked up right where we left off. I'm so thankful for her friendship.
On Jeff's side, his sister is nearly a week overdue with her baby! I'm sure she' s getting annoyed with me calling to check on her everday! I am so pumped to have a new niece- I just love teeny tinies. I'm hoping to wake up in the morning with news that she has been born! This means a trip to Little Rock soon. Can't wait- love roadtrips.
Ok- once again- falling asleep as I'm typing. Jada is completely out.....time for both of us to go to bed.

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