Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sleepless Nights

As I mentioned in my last post, Jada's blood sugars have been running so high lately. At times well over 400. We did get her correction factor and I:CHO (insulin to carb ratio for all you newbies to diabetes out there) changed. We're not sure, but think she may be going through a growth spurt right now. We've also had some weather changes over the last few weeks. Who knows- really. I just know that I'm very tired from all of the worry. One night she got so high that she wet the bed. Another night she couldn't sleep and when I checked her she was close to 500! I went ahead and gave her some novolog, but then was worried she would drop to low and stayed up half the night to check on her. I have seen some improvement over the last couple of days since we changed her dosage, but still am not sure. Maybe I just need to give it a little more time. Or maybe I just need to call the endo tomorrow and see what they think. I'm just tired right now. Tired of seeing her not feeling good. Tired of worrying about her A1C levels. Tired of the 2:30 am checks.
Hmmmm........surely I have something positive to post. The boys are doing great in school. Eli is getting much more excited about school and finally seems to be adjusting. Miss Mary Beth is showing signs of some musical ability and I'm thinking I'm going to start teaching her piano. David reads all of the time. His teacher challenged his class to read for 10,000 minutes this school year and he is well on his way to doing it. It's not uncommon for him to come home and read for 2 hours every night on top of his homework! He loves to read! Jada- outside of diabetes- is still our princess. I don't even get her dressed in the morning unless we are going somewhere because she plays dress up all day long. Work is going well for Jeff- he seems to be getting the store turned around and sales are coming back up. I, well, I really need to find some friends here in Tulsa. I'm going stir crazy and need someone to hang with. Hopefully, as we get more involved at church, that will happen.
Well- need to get some laundry going. Jeff should be home soon. Tomorrow is Monday. I need to go to bed early.

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