Thursday, September 4, 2008

5 Mile Hike

I should be going to bed, but Jada running high tonight and is quite uncomfortable right now. Poor little thing. We've done the bouncing around thing this afternoon and evening and are now paying for it with little sleep. She had a lunch time shot, and then took an extra long nap and woke up low- like at 59. We got her back up easily, but then decided to go for a hike and was on the trail longer than expected and she fell back to 80 by the time we were finished. By that time, it was 7:30 and way past supper time and I always hesitate to give her any novolog after 6:30, because we're chasing lows at bedtime if I do. Well, didn't work so well this time. I didn't think she had too many carbs, but I think the old rebound effect happened and she hit 300 at bedtime. I need to check her- she woke up after an hour of being asleep and had 2 8 oz. sippy cups of water. Probably pretty high. I'm just not sure what to do.
It was a beautiful hike tonight. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area in Tulsa is a great place to hike with the family! We were only going to do 2 miles, but took the wrong trail. Oops. Guess an extra 3 miles won't hurt to much. Jada was in a pack a good deal of the way. Eli fell three times on his broken arm! David talked our legs off the whole way and Mary Beth was our little trooper. She was in a pack for the first 15 minutes- but walked the rest of the way and did absolutely fabulous! She's too big for the pack anyhow. Hiking in Oklahoma isn't exactly Colorado or Alaska, but it was soooo good to be out on the trail again with the family. I love it. Love the family time that we have. Love the silence of the trail. Not much wildlife to see, but it was beautiful outside. The remnants of Hurricane Gustav left the area this afternoon and left us with beautiful temps in the 70s. Love it. Today reminded me of an Alaskan summer day- cool and beautiful. I'm so ready for fall to come.

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