Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Carb Crap

I'm only going to talk about this once.... I am so tired of keeping track of every single gram of carbs that go inside Jada's mouth!!!!! I don't want to complain, just have to get it "out there". I think I pulled things out of the trash about 10 times today because I forgot to look at the nutrition info before I threw it in the trash! Today I was ready to go completely carb free and let her eat nothing but hot dogs and cheese. Just kidding- mostly.
I had to call her endo this morning because she is running so high at lunch time- usually over 300. She is on the lower side in the morning and the dr. is thinking that Jada is having a rebound effect from her breakfast reading to lunch. So.... the plan is to try to keep her blood sugar above 100 at her breakfast reading and then we again changed her carb to insulin ration for her breakfast novolog only. It's going to get confusing real soon, especially with having different ratios for breakfast. I'll deal with it.
I need to go to bed. She had a terrible night sleeping last night and therefore, I didn't sleep much other. I'm headed for another migraine real soon if I can't get some decent sleep. Ok- no more complaining- tomorrow will be a better day!

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