Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Rainy Day

The past two days have been full of rain. Rain tends to put me into a "nesting" state- not so much the frantic, gotta-get-it-done nesting that comes with the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, but more like, making my home extra comfortable for my family. I'm wanting to make chili, and apple crisp and my fall favorite dessert- pumpkin bars (wonder if Splenda does well with my recipe?). Having cookies fresh from the oven when the boys get home from school. I don't even mind cleaning and doing laundry on these days. Jeff would probably like for it to rain more often!! :)
Jeff and I discussed the boys and school this morning. He really, really misses the boys. One thing I so much appreciate about Jeff is his love for our children and he realizes that no one can replace him. Sending them to public school has been extremely difficult for Jeff, as he works 10 hour days and weekends. He hasn't had a full day with the boys since school started. He often wants to "kidnap" them after school so that they can have some "guy time" without the distraction of neighborhood kids. He is wanting to go back to homeschooling, and I think we eventually will. I have gotten to the point of burn out- for several reasons. This morning we discussed what homeschooling again would have to look like and that I would need much more physical support from Jeff. My days at home with the kids are super long when he is working-and that leaves me to be the one who has to the heavy-handed parent.(Not literally) I don't enjoy that role. I am so grateful that Jeff understands that I have some needs that need met in order to homeschool successfully. I'm not sure when or what it will look like, but homeschooling will be back in play for our family in the future.
It is POURING outside. We need to go and get groceries- not exactly something I want to do with two little girls. Maybe I need to take a nap with Jada!

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