Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LOW, LOw,Low,low

Frustration mounted within me this afternoon as Jada's blood sugar has stayed low! She was over 300 at lunch- needed a shot and I know- I KNOW- I calculated it correctly! An hour later, just before nap time, she was 66! It's a good thing I remembered to check her before she fell asleep! Her ideal, at her age, is 150. Gave her some glucose tabs, then a snack pack- 15 grams of carbs. I waited about 15 minutes, checked her and she was at 90. Good- on the way back up. She took a nap and woke up at 125. Had her normal snack. Then- supper at about 5:30. 63!!!!
AUGGGH! Glucose tabs, huge glass of milk, tortillas and refried beans. She was happy to not have a shot! I was just frustrated- because this is just one of those times that you just shake your head and wonder what the heck happened!
Ahh, oh well. Another day with diabetes. It can be like this at times. I haven't yet found a support group here in Tulsa, but just reading other blogs, visiting other sites, have all been an amazing way to educate myself and to see that we, the Lincoln family, are not the only ones who have this craziness thrown into our lives! I really enjoy reading blogs of adult Type 1's. It really gives me insight as to what it feels like to be running high and running low, what kinds of things Jada will have to face as she grows older and begins to care for herself.

Well- I suppose I should check her. She has told me three times in the last 5 minutes that she is hungry and she is beginning to rummage through the cupboards. (sigh) Always a sign she's low.

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