Monday, August 18, 2008


It's Monday morning and I just finished doing Mary Beth's hair. So much fun. Will I ever tire of making my girls look pretty and doing all of that fun "girl" stuff with them? I feel so blessed to have 2 boys and 2 girls. After I had the boys, I had three miscarriages. I wondered if even I would have more children- definitely thought I lost my chances for a girl. Boys run strong on both sides of the family and in my head, I just knew there would be no little girls in my future.
Then, I got pregnant with Mary Beth and had an awesome ob/gyn who put me on baby aspirin as a possible treatment. It worked and when the ultra sound tech informed me that we were having a girl, I could hardly contain myself. I immediately went to Baby Gap and bought the cutest little pink flowery coming home outfit that I could find. Done with baby blue!
Mary Beth was born as sweet as little girls come. When she started talking, she called Jeff "honey" and she, ever since then, has had the nickname "Sweetie". For a long time, when people would ask her what her name was, she replied "Daddy's Sweetie". Mary Beth doesn't know a stranger- she is a little social butterfly and as she is getting older, is showing an independent side to herself that, in many ways, has been good. She likes to try new things and do things by herself.
This morning, she wanted to "smell" like me! That's good, I guess! She asked to take a shower "all by herself" (I did supervise) and then asked for mousse in her hair and then for a blow dry.
When we were done, she said, " I don't smell like the puppy! I smell good!" (She packs our peke a poo- Muffin- around like a rag doll!) After checking herself in the mirror she said, "I am soooo beautiful!" Then- "Can I wear some of your makeup?" I had to say no to that one!
She is beautiful. All the way from the inside out. Sometimes I fear that someone will come along and crush her beautiful spirit. She loves people and has such an innocence about her and I wonder how long I will be able to help her to preserve that innocence.
I have been given a gift with two girls. As I raise them, God has put some challenges before me. I am their role model. I am their picture of what a wife and a mama should be. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that my greatest struggles very well could be their greatest struggles in life- just continuing the behavior patterns that exist in families. Am I living a life of faith- depending on God and not seeking approval from men about the way I live my life? If I can- then this will be the greatest legacy I can leave my two precious girls!

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