Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging to Blog

There isn't much heavy on my heart to write about. It was a good day. After taking the boys to school, the girls and I came home then took a walk to our neighborhood park. You know, I will say, that while at the park, I forgot about Jada's diabetes for a little while- until we left, then noticed her backpack hanging over her stroller with all her supplies in it. I felt free for a while. It was a good little break.
My oldest niece is engaged. Jeff and I are so proud of her and are very excited as she prepares to begin a new life. She's somewhat special to me. She is my "first" niece- she's Jeff's sister's daughter and I met her when she was about 8 or 9 years old- can't remember exactly. I loved her from the start- she is as beautiful as they come. From the inside out. K has grown into a beautiful young woman and is already an amazing mother. We haven't had the privelege of meeting her fiance yet (they are in Alaska- yes I wish we were there!) but know he must be pretty wonderful to win the heart of K. We love you girl!
I had a "back to school" meeting with Eli's teacher and other parents tonight. It was good- I was impressed. This former homeschooling mom has some high standards and I like what I saw and heard. Of course, I will always "homeschool" to some extent! Eli does seem to be a little stressed out by the transition to public school and is worn out when he comes home at night. I talked with his teacher about it and she said he is doing just fine- she can see some of the stress but is confident that in another week or so, he should be all settled. We went through this with David last year when he started school in Alaska. It wasn't long, however, but he was fully into the routine. I'm sure Eli will do the same.
Well- I need to check the baby boo's blood sugar before I head to bed. She was actually running on the low side at supper tonight, and then we could hardly get any carbs down her! She kept telling us that she was "stuffed"! Of course, then running low at bedtime and Jeff got her to eat a big bowl of cereal with milk. Hopefully that will do the trick! Just you wait- she'll be sky high when I go to check her- love that rebound effect. Oh well. What can ya do?

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