Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ups and Downs

Jada baffled me today with some strange blood sugar readings. She was high at lunch, but we decided not to give her a shot. At snack time she was lower than she should be, supper was a good reading and she didn't need a shot. She had about 20 grams of carbs- then at her bedtime snack- she was only at 96 and in order to get through the night without bottoming out- she really needs to be above 150 and maybe even have up to 30 grams of carbs for her bedtime snack. Tonight, she got to have a big bowl of ice cream and then, I let her have some bread and butter. It scares me to think that she could go so low at night from her insulin, that she may slip into a diabetic coma.

These days that she swings so much is difficult. For me, yes, as I wonder what is going on inside of her little body- but much more difficult for her. She is just not herself. She gets moody. A 3 year old shouldn't have to complain about headaches, but when she gets too high, she gets a headache. She can't seem to relax- forget about a good nap which she desperately needs at this age. I need her naps, too! She's such a busy little girl!
One of these days, we'll get her straightened out and I will figure out what's making her swing so much right now.
In other Lincoln family news, we got a piano today. I am so glad for this as playing is such a stress release for me. The piano was free off of Craig's list and was in pretty good shape until we got a hold of it! It had a rough homecoming, to say the least. It still sounds great, it's just a little more beat up. It fell over in the trailer on the way home and we had a horrible time getting it set back up- they are just a tad bit heavy! The top got a little (ok- alot) banged up. But it still sounds great. I can't wait to get my music out!

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