Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today is Sunday. One of my favorite days. I don't feel the pressure on Sundays to clean the house or do laundry. It's one of those excusable days to do nothing. I take it very seriously! :) Today I made fettucine alfredo, let the kids have soda for lunch (Sprite Zero for Jada), websurfed, spent about an hour on the piano and got afternoon snacks for the kids. They'll be wanting a little something for supper after while, but it's Sunday, so they might just get popcorn. The kids have played well today. Sometimes outside, sometimes inside, but no fighting. It's just been a very nice day. Oh- I did go to church today! Wouldn't be Sunday without church.
Jada's blood sugars have still been a little crazy. Mostly on the high side. We increased her Lantus dose 2 weeks ago and have also gone to a lunch time shot if she needs one. Her morning blood sugars have been good, but then she runs high the rest of the day. Today, she was over 300 at lunch! Then, she had 36 grams of carbs for her meal- absolutely had to have a shot of Novolog. I checked her after lunch right before her nap and she was at 96- that's a good blood sugar for someone a few years older, but for her at 3 years old, it's too low. Gave her half a banana and hoped it wouldn't spike her too much! She slept for an hour and a half and when she woke up, her blood sugar was 136! AWESOME! 150 is her ideal. So- rather than giving her a carb free snack, she was able to have 15 grams of carbs and it shouldn't cause her to go sky high.
Hopefully, she'll be looking good at supper time.
It's amazing how these simple little numbers can play with your mind. It can be overwhelming at times, especially when we are not sure what is causing her blood sugars to spike like they have been. When we were in Texas, we were swimming almost everyday and that really reduced the need for Novolog. Jeff and I wonder if the absence of that particular kind of exercise is making a difference. Jada doesn't sit all day- she is a very busy little girl who runs all over this house. I can hardly keep up with her most of the time. Most likely, though, she is just coming out of that honeymoon phase. Hate to think of it, but it's probably happening.
I look at her, though, and am so thankful that her diagnosis was diabetes. When we were in the hospital, we saw families who wouldn't be leaving with their children, we saw teeny tiny babies on life support and feeding tubes. Kids with cancer. It really helps me to stay positive when I think about what it could have been. I also try to look at it as an opportunity for me to learn how to be healthy and teach Jada how to be healthy- through diet, exercise and by following Jesus. I don't ever want her to have a poor me attitude- a victim mentality. As she grows, my desire is for people to look at her and be surprised when they find out that she is diabetic. I want her to live a joyfilled, God-filled life- not fearing what's ahead, but meeting whatever it is head- on and knowing that it's not a surprise to God. Not just for Jada, but for all of my kids.
Okay- I must go. 5:30 is supper for Jada and it will mess her up big time if she doesn't it soon. I'm behind schedule already.

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