Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hospital Again....

Yesterday sent our family to the local ER again! Not for Jada this time, but for our 8 year old boy, Eli. He was outside playing on his skateboard when he hit the curb and broke his arm. Compound fracture. He came running in the house screaming and I knew immediately he wasn't being overly dramatic, as he can be sometimes. The arm was bent the wrong way and there was blood on his shirt sleeve. I'm more than a tad bit squeamish and was so happy he had chosen to wear a long sleaved shirt yesterday. I was afraid that his bone had penetrated the skin and when my husband took him to the hospital, sure enough, it had. He was in surgery for an hour to reset it and had to have a pin put in. Poor little guy. Felt so bad for him.
Eli is one of those kids that people are drawn to and has such an outgoing personality. He is a very talented gymnast (guess we'll have to put that on the shelf for a while!) and would like to be Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild) when he grows up. He's just a fun kid with a spunky personality. He hates to sit and watch tv all day, so this having to sit around for a few days hasn't sat real well with him. After about 30 minutes of tv today, he told me he had enough of it and asked to turn it off. Gotta love a kid who hates the tv. He's so busy.
Eli was one of my biggest babies. He came out loving to eat- he still does and he will eat almost anything you put in front of him with Tabasco sauce on top. That kid gained a pound over his birthweight 5 days after he was born. My only memories of Eli's first 6 weeks are nursing and changing diapers. He wasn't a fussy baby, but he just came out a little firecracker.
In some ways, this injury is nice (isn't that awful?) because he needs me once again. So nice to feel needed by one of my boys. Of course, he can't do nearly anything by himself right now with one hand and my day was spent cutting up his food, helping him to sit up, adjusting his sling, getting him to the correct website to play his favorite games with one hand, all kinds of things.
Well- these past two days have made me so tired that my eyes are shutting as I type. I'll have to do this tomorrow.
Good Night.

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