Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Jada woke up yesterday morning with a slight fever of 100.3.  Checked ketones and she was showing a moderate amount in her urine.  Crap.  But- no tummy ache, which is always the sign of bad ketones for her.  So, we gave her ibuprofen and acetaminophen.  We changed our Memorial Day plans from driving about an hour away to spending the day at a friend's house just in case she got worse.  She did pretty well- her fever spiked again in the afternoon but after some ibuprofen, she was comfortable again.
Fast forward to last night.  Around 7 pm, she just took a downturn.  Her fever spiked again and we couldn't get her to eat or drink anything.  We checked ketones and there none (thank you God!) but she was miserable.  She started complaining about her ears and throat and started coughing.  We were up most of the night- checking blood sugar- which stayed high most of the night and she was feverish as well.  This morning we checked ketones and they again showed a moderate amount.  Her fever spiked to 103 and she was miserable for a while.  She's not hungry, but drank some juice and has asked for water a couple of times.  I'm thinking either ear infection or strep throat- but Jeff couldn't see any spots in the back of her throat when he looked last night.  Obviously, something is not right and I think she probably needs to be on antibiotics.  So.....we're headed off to the urgent care center this morning.  I'll post an update later!


Shamae said...

Hope she is doing well.

Rocksee said...

big hugs to jada girl! I hope you get her figured out!! Get better!:)