Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trying to Get Caught Up! And.....Happy Mother's Day!

Wow- what a week it's been!!  Trying to get unpacked, connecting with friends, Jeff adjusting to a new job, sleep schedules being way off, trying to get used to this crazy sunlight.......the list goes on and on.  Where do I start?
On the Jada front, she's doing great!  We've had a few crazy moments over the last week.  On Tuesday, we went to Sam's to stock up on groceries and decided to have lunch there.  I had checked her about an hour before and she was in the 170's, so I hadn't been concerned about a nose dive.  Right before we got in line, I checked her and she was 24!  And once again- walking around like nothing was wrong.  Over the last two weeks her insulin to carb ratio has gone from 1:10 to 1:15 and then to 1:18 and still having problems with some lows.  I'm wondering if our eating schedule has something to do with it- but our schedule hasn't been horribly off either.  We'll see as we get into a more normal routine this week.
I've got an awesome recommendation for a doctor!  He's local- not an endocrinologist (have to go to Anchorage for an endo), but LOTS of experience with Type 1.  Three of his children have Type 1 Diabetes and he's the director of the Diabetes Clinic.  I've heard great things about him and am excited to meet him.  
I've left Jada twice in childcare for church events this last week.  One was for the women's Bible study and the other was for  "Queen for a Day" (a spa event held yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day).  David was an AWESOME big brother both times and helped me out by checking her blood sugar at some specific times and then calling me with the numbers.  I was a little nervous about leaving her because the child care location is about a 5 minute drive from our friend's house where both events were held, but David rose to the occasion and I had no need for worry.   She was away from me for four hours and NO problems at all!
Ahh....Queen for a Day.  Food, massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, friends and no interruptions.  Our church puts this event on every year for Mother's Day and it is absolutely amazing- and you don't have to be a mom to come- just a woman! :)  I met new people and had a good chance to sit and visit with old friends.  It was like the ultimate girl hang out time.  Already looking forward to next year.
We are starting to get settled in our house.  I will post some pictures just as soon as I can find my USB cord!!  I had it with me the whole trip up here and as soon as we moved in to the house I lost it! grrr....  We still need a kitchen table and will be getting a sofa and love seat this week.  We have folding chairs and a Cracker Barrel rocking chair to sit on currently! :)  
Well- this is just the beginning of getting caught up on my blogging.  I've been tagged twice the last couple of days and don't worry ladies- I'll do them! :)  
Oh-and last but not least- Happy Mother's Day!


Melissa's Thoughts said...

Sounds like life is getting back to normal. Whatever that is right? I'm so glad that Jada is doing well despite the low's. And having a doc with kids that are type 1 is amazing. Our doc's 2nd child has type 1 and it really helps. Happy Mother's Day and I'm so glad you go to be pampered.

Wendy said...

WOOHOO!!!! I'm so happy to hear things are right on track. If God leads you to it, He'll provide for it :)

Glad you were able to get a little pampering. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow...glad to hear you are getting settled! Isn't it crazy how their little bodies can handle such a low blood sugar? The school nurse called me the other day because Courtney came to the office for her lunchtime accucheck & she was 39!!!! My first question was if she was still "with it" & she said yes, like nothing was wrong! She had her recheck just to be sure & sure enough the 2nd check was 37. Crazy!

Rocksee said...

So glad things are coming together. Sounds great to find an endo so quickly!

Good for you! I am praying everything keeps going well!

:) Tracie said...

Glad to hear your family is safe and doing well!

24! yikes! Isn't it a blessing though, that she can "handle" that number enough for you to get to her and get her number higher?

Glad you found much deserved time away!

Just Momma said...

Glad all is going so well. God is such an awesome provider. Sounds like Jada is doing well along with everyone else. Doctors are so hard to find when you move, glad that is working out too.