Saturday, May 30, 2009

Okay- here are the pictures of our trip north!  I didn't put in everything- but you'll get a pretty good idea of what it's like to drive the great Alaska- Canadian Highway- otherwise known as the Alcan!

This is the first night officially moved out of our apartment in Tulsa.  

Oficially on the road- heading north to Glenwood, IA for Jada's birthday party and to say good bye to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

I was able to meet my good friend and one of my college roommates for coffee!  One of the highlights of our trip for me!

This book- The Milepost- is a MUST for people traveling the Alcan.  It gives you details of every mile along the trip!

Happy Birthday Jada!  4 years old!

A stop at the famous Wall Drug in South Dakota.

Wall Drug again- notice it's snowing!

Snow in the Black Hills!

The Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming

Looking down on Billings, Montana!

Notice the look on Jada's face- yes- the look of a low blood sugar!

Our hotel in Great Falls, Montana.  We stayed here on our way down before.

Blizzard!  Yes- it was scary!

At the border in Sweet Grass, Montana.

Welcome to Alberta- in a blizzard!

Mary Beth rarely sleeps in the car during the day- she was obviously worn out!

Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  The official start of the Alaska Highway! At about 5 am!

Our hotel in Ft. Nelson, British Columbia had a waterslide!  It was a much needed break!

David wanted SO bad for me to get a shot of at the bottom of the slide- this was the best I could do!

The northern Canadian Rockies!  Beautiful!


Bison wandering along the road- we saw a bunch!

Jada and Mary Beth- my dancing princesses! At Liard Hot Springs- middle of no where British Columbia! :)
Liard Hot Springs- amazingly HOT and relaxing!
More mountains- in the Yukon Territory, Canada.

In Delta Junction, Alaska- the end of the Alaska Highway.  Yes- this picture was posed, but it IS how we really felt!


Melissa's Thoughts said...

I LOVE your pictures. My favorite has to be the last one. But I love the one of the hot springs. That was amazing. Hope you guys are doing well today. HEY!! We sold our house. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Joanne said...

Amazing pictures! Now I'm feeling the need for a road trip...

Your kids are adorable, by the way!

Shamae said...

GREAT pics!! I love them! Beautiful!! Are Mary Beth and jada twins? They look so similar. Anyway great pics!

Rocksee said...

These are great pics.. I just got my Milepost two days ago.. !! It's very informative! I think we are probably going the same way you went!! You are too cute! I've never seen a pic of you before..

Wendy said...

WOW!!!!! I love, love, love this post :) Great pics...thanks for sharing!!!! That last pic should be framed!!!

Michelle said...

This was a great post! Loved seeing how your trip went! :) Glad you all made it safely & hope you all are healthy soon!

Rocksee said...

We are only taking what we can fit in our car and we bought a travel box that fits in our hitch on the car. So it's kinda like a second trunk. Everything else we are selling. So we will have no furniture. Having it furnished would be great, but I could try and find 2nd hand stuff for the time being.. that would be no problem too.

Since we wouldn't have much, we don't really need anything big or too nice.. I mean the place we live now is pretty dumpy. So we could make it work til we got on our feet.

I was hoping to find something under about 800.00, with at least the heat paid. That would be nice.

You gave me the idea to go to craigslist.. I hadn't even thought of that!

So I would be eternally grateful for anything you could find.

We have a job opp in Nenana.. I dunno if we are gonna take it, but it includes a place to stay.. so we are still talking about that.

But I really want to just stay in Fairbanks. :)

How are things?

Rachel said...

It's so great to see pictures from your trip! I hope I get to make that trip again someday.

Amy said...

Shamae- the girls are 19 months apart and I get asked often if they are twins! My boys are 19 months apart as well, and I still get asked if they are twins at the ages of 10 and 8! :)
Rocksee- Aww...thanks! I'm checking on some places. I'll be in touch! :)

Shannon said...

What a LONG journey! I LOVE the last picture! LOL! I would be feeling the same way!

Sorry, I haven't been able to stop by in awhile! How are you adjusting to Alaska?

I hope all is well! :)