Saturday, May 30, 2009

Worn Out

I do believe that I am just about as physically and emotionally spent as I have been in a long time.  It's been a tough week with Jada being sick and Jeff working extra long days and only having one day off.  Jada slept all night last night- the first night all week long and I didn't have to wake her to give her a snack.  She needed the rest and so did I.  However, I feel more tired today than I did yesterday and feel a sore throat coming on.  I'm really hoping I don't get what she had.
Jeff has been working his tail off.  He is the general manager of a national chain restaurant and it is one of the messiest situations he's ever stepped into.  He's somewhat "gifted" in trouble -shooting restaurants, so he's seen his fair share of bad and this is BAD!  It's also Alaska- which brings it's own unique set of issues.  For some reason, businesses up here seem to have a lower standard for the way they do things.  And- there is very little competition, so it's easy for them to get away with poor service.  There are a host of other issues besides poor service which I could go on and on about but had better not share on a public blog!  He is seeing a quick turn around in some areas- like the quality of service given to his customers but there are other things that will take longer.  So- he is having to put in a lot of time right now.  We knew that would be the case when we came, but it doesn't make it any easier to get through this time.  I am SO thankful that we have the support of friends here!
On a cool note- we had an EARTHQUAKE tonight!  It was a magnitude of 3.7 and it REALLY shook our house good!  I had just put the kids to bed and sat down to blog and I heard a very low rumbling noise and then the couch began to shake up and down!  The kids came running out of their room terrified- they hadn't figured out what it was and then when I told them- they were SO excited! LOL!    We had one last week, but it was in the middle of the night and it didn't wake me up.  As long as they are small quakes they don't bother me- nothing big please!
Well- the house is quiet.  The kids are finally falling asleep- that earthquake got them going!  I think I'm going to find a movie and wait for my hubby to come home.


Rocksee said...

I heard about the earthquake! Oh my! Thats scary!!!

I hope Jeff isn't working at a few of the resturants i tried there!

:) I am glad miss j is getting better!

Wendy said...

It is hard when our other half has to work extra. What a wonderful husband and father -- working so hard to provide for his family!

I'm happy to hear Jada is on the mend. Sick kids can drain you fast...a sick diabetic child practically sucks the life out of you!!!!

Shamae said...

Sorry about your emotional stresses. Those days are so hard. My hugs and prayers are with you. Scary about the earthquake. Those freak me out! We were in (my first and hopefully last) that earthquake in Hawaii a couple years ago. It was 6.9 and freaked me out! Anyway glad you are all safe!