Friday, May 29, 2009

Swine Flu?

Fairbanks had it's first confirmed case of swine flu yesterday and since the discovery, I've wondered if this is what Jada has had.  I looked up the symptoms and really- it's hard to tell if she's had the regular flu over the swine flu.  One symptom I noticed that she did have that is common to the swine flu is extreme fatigue.  I asked the dr. on Tuesday if she possibly had the flu and he thought it possible, but didn't want to run tests for that.  I'm fine with that now, since she made it through 4 days of fever and terrible body aches. makes me wonder.  The Daily Newsminer (local paper) said that health officials believe that the swine flu has possibly been circulating in Fairbanks for a few weeks, but no one has been sick enough yet to cause them to run tests.  Our good friend's little boy is now sick with the same exact symptoms that Jada had and they may be taking him to the dr. today.  My guess is they'll run a flu test on him since this confirmed case.  We'll see!  So far, the rest of our kids haven't shown any signs of illness and I'm kind of surprised.  Hopefully, the rest of the family will steer clear of it.  However- with Jada being the first to get it, the others will be a piece of cake to get through this compared to her!


Rocksee said...

Ok, I just read that swine flu story in the Miner. My guess is that tons more people had it than they realize. Or who had a minor strain of it and just didn't go to the Dr.

No luck on jobs yet. I hoping a little closer to the time. I hope Hubs can find something at least.

Sold our Scooter today though! A lil more cash in the AK fund!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

WOW I sent Christopher to school with purell and a talk to wash his hands, don't get around anyone sick, cough in your sleeve...all that good stuff. It was the only time I was really concerned about his health..well besides being diagnosed.

Shamae said...

Wow! Hope your family has seen the last of its illnesses! Scary.