Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've Caught a Lil' Bug

Last night at 1 a.m.,  Eli woke up vomiting.  Jeff had a late night at work, so both of us were still up, just catching each other up on our day.  My first thought when I heard him was, "Oh crap."  And then, the mom guilt set in because rather than thinking about Eli and what I could do to help him, my first thought was Jada and what this could do to her if she caught the bug.  How pitiful is that??? And immediately after asking Eli if he was okay, I went on to remind him that he might need to stay in his room tomorrow until we know he's over it.  The poor kid.   I took Jada's toothbrush- which was in the general vicinity of his and boiled it.  Am I over reacting?  Most likely. :)
Eli returned to bed without any further incident and woke up this morning feeling fine.  I, however, worried all day that at any moment, Jada or David or Mary Beth would suddenly be sick as well.  We've had lots of handwashing today!! Tonight at supper, David complained of a tummy ache and he had that "look"- whitish face, clammy skin, circles under his eyes.  He hasn't puked and went to bed saying that he felt better.
I know that I'm probably freaking out a little too much.  Last fall, though, we had a week where the other kids just had a fever and body aches and when Jada finally caught it, her ketones went through the roof temporarily and almost had to go to the ER.  I am so afraid of that happening again and what makes it worse, is that in the end, if she's been exposed, she will most likely get sick and there's nothing I can do about it.


Melissa's Thoughts said...

With my son I could handle lows and highs, I can handle diabetes realated things. The common cold or "bug" sets me right over the edge. We have been blessed with only one real "bug" since his diagnosis 16 1/2 years ago. He is pretty healthy. I've already started praying for college next year. Good thing he is not that far away. :)

Shamae said...

Oh I hear ya! It is so hard. I don't want to be overbearing over the little things, but at the same time I need to help protect her because Syd has extremely volitile sugars and little things throw her over the edge and all over the place. I know all diabetics are different in this area but Syd is one whose sugars get affected really easily. Anyway I hope Miss Jada doesn't get this bug and you guys can stay bug free!! How was your move?

Darling16 said...

Just experienced this a few days ago. My older daughter and my husband both were sick and the first thing I thought was - "I hope Olivia doesn't get it". Your not alone! Well, she ended up getting it and we were close to going to the ER, but this bug's stay was pretty short. Now we are fighting lows for the last few days. We have had to cut her insulin in half. Is this normal? I enjoy reading your blog and hope your move was unstressful.

Jill Johnson said...

I can only imagine how it must make you worry. And hear I complain when Mallory catches one thing after another at daycare or otherwise. You have so much more to deal with if Jada gets sick. You are certainly not a bad mom for thinking of her first; I know you still care about the others getting sick, too. Praying this all passes quickly and that Jada won't get sick.

Amy said...

Melissa- I think it's pretty amazing that you've raised your son with this dreaded disease- 16 1/2 years- you need a medal!:)
Shamae- So far, she hasn't come down with anything! I was just sure that we would, since we've been completely off schedule and all of us are worn out and tired. The move went great- we had a couple of really long days and too much eating out. To think that we have to do this again in about 3 weeks----ugh.... :)
Darling16- I am SO GLAD you left a comment!! So sorry Olivia got sick. It is so scary! From what I understand, it's very common to have to cut back on insulin after illness- their little bodies just get all out of whack. I hope things get back to "normal" soon !
Jill-Thanks for the prayers! And with Mallory being so little- I'm sure it's tough when she's sick- I remember those toddler days (we're not too far out from them yet) and it's tiring enough when they're healthy. When they're sick, they need you that much more!

Rocksee said...

we are all sick here too.. yuuuuckky!!

How are things coming along? Getting calmer?

Rocksee said...

Thank you for all your sweet posts! I am so excited that I met you on here!

I hope these last few weeks and months go fast for both of us!

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