Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Question

We're moving today (ugh!!) and our meter has decided to give us problems.  We bought it last July and it just seems to be giving out.  I've changed the battery and that hasn't helped.  When I stick a test strip in it doesn't turn on immediately and then I have to pull the strip out, re-insert the strip and then it comes on after a couple of tries.  
Can anyone tell me the life expectancy of a meter?  Do I just need to buy a new one?  We're using an AccuCheck Aviva.
Well- back to loading a trailer.  I'd appreciate any help!!!! You guys are the BEST!


Jill said...

I dont have any help with the Accu-Check :( We've used the Freestyle Lite since Kacey was diagnosed and I had to replace the battery only once in 8 months and it was about 6 months after using it. If you need extra meters, we have 2 Accu-check ones that JDRF gave us and I'd be more than happy to send them to you. We're never going to use them because they just gave us another Freestyle meter that uses the same strips as the meter connected to her pump. Just let me know and I can send them out to you :)

Melissa's Thoughts said...

We are blessed to get a new meter once a year from Vanderbilt. I have never had one go out. Sometimes you can contact the company and they will send you a free one when you send the broken one back.

Shamae said...

We've never had a problem with a meter either. We use the one-touch that goes with syd's minimed pump...they talk to each other which is pretty cool. Anyway we haven't had any issues. I hope you get them resolved and I hope the move went well!

Amy said...

Thanks guys for your thoughts!! Jill- thanks for offering to send the meters!! I'm just catching up on my blogging from our crazy weekend. We ended up just purchasing a new one at Wal-Mart- only $18 and I will for sure fill out the warranty card. I think I had done it before, but we moved immediately after we bought it and things got lost in the shuffle.

Rocksee said...

B has an Accu Check and he is on on his third one this year..

Maybe it's just a dud.

Or maybe my husband just uses it too much! Who knows!

Ususally we have to buy a new meter every 8mo-12mo. When you are testing 5 times a day.. those suckers just can't keep up!

Good luck with your move!!!