Friday, April 17, 2009

One Week

One week from right now, we will be on our way to Iowa to say goodbye to our family one last time and then heading on to Alaska from there.  Two weeks from right now, we should be in Fairbanks- barring some great disaster on the road.  We spent the day packing and organizing our cargo trailer!  I'm in "move mode" again and don't think I'll be able to shut it off until we are in the rig and heading north!  I'm trying to get all the kids clothes down to the absolute necessities for the next couple of weeks- I really don't need a lot of laundry hanging over my head at this point!  I do have a couple of prayer requests- one that is somewhat urgent.  
I had blogged (a few posts back) about Jada's prescriptions not being sent.  Well- we still don't have them.  Evidently, the insurance company had her date of birth wrong and after several calls being made, I think we finally have it straightened out.  They have "ultra-prioritized" her order, as the last day that we will be able to receive packages here will be on Thursday of next week.  Hopefully, we'll get it on Monday or Tuesday.  We have just enough test strips to get us through plus a back up meter if we need to use it.
Second request- we don't have a place to live yet in Alaska!  There is a house that we would LOVE to rent, but the owner needs to decide if he's going to put it on the market (he's moving to California) or let us rent it now and buy it later.  Unfortunately, we aren't in the position to buy currently, but should be in a year.  We are going to stay with some very dear friends of ours when we arrive, but it is of the utmost importance that we get settled ASAP.  This time of year, housing gets hard to come by up there because the state has an influx of seasonal workers and rentals go quickly.  Having a dog doesn't help either- most landlords don't want animals.
Other than that- all is well.  Jada has had excellent numbers- her 30 day average is 156- right on target!  I thought she was getting a cold, but I think it's just allergies.  This next week should go quickly.  I have several people that I need to catch up with!  Jamie- if you read this- I'm sorry I haven't called you yet!!!!! :(  I will- I promise!  Any of my Tulsa friends who read this-- Facebook me- would love to get together for coffee!  I can't believe we're down to the last week.

Eli fixin' pancakes on our camping stove. 

Jeff fixin' up the cargo trailer.


Rocksee said...

I AM SO JEALOUS! I am praying and praying and PRAYING that things will go well.

Housing is hard to find there I've noticed. I believe we will have to be staying with friends for awhile as well.

Maybe we can have lunch when I get there?

Rocksee said...

oh and did I mention I am jealous!!

Good luck girl! Really!

I am so happy to have met you!

Jill Johnson said...

You must be the absolute Moving Queen! If I ever get to get a house and move like 10 miles away, I'll be calling you to tell me how best to organize. =p Wish we could see each other before you go! Praying Jada's medicine comes with time to spare!

Wendy said...

This is so much fun :) I feel like I'm going on an exciting journey!!!

Prayers Always ;)