Monday, April 27, 2009

Somthing Just Had to Go Wrong!!!

Everyone is safe, healthy- Jada's numbers have been unbelievably good- only once over 200 in the last two days!  Her insulin adjustment has worked wonderfully, too--no high spikes and no nose-dives either.  She has stayed almost perfectly in range- even at her birthday party with cake and ice cream!
We left Saturday night at 11:30 from Jeff's dad's in Iowa.  The weather was rainy and windy.  We're hauling a 6 x 12 trailer packed to the gills with our stuff.  It was slow going- only able to go about 55 uphill on the interstate and 65 downhill.  The kids slept great- Jada's numbers were great and at 6:30 am we stopped for breakfast in Chamberlain, SD along the mighty Missouri River. As we continued, it rained harder and by the time we reached Wall, SD-  it was SNOWING!!  We had hoped to stop at Mt. Rushmore, but decided to stop at Wall Drug instead since it was indoors.  After we left, the snow got heavier, but the roads were good.  As a matter of fact, the scenery was quite beautiful.  The Black Hills covered in snow is quite a spectacular sight.  We crossed into Wyoming and it quit snowing.  The sun came out and we soon lost track of the number of antelope that we were seeing.  When we reached central Wyoming, we were able to see the Big Horn mountains, which are part of the Rockies.  Beautiful.  It's the first time since moving back that I've seen anything bigger than the Ozark Mountains.  
Obviously, with this kind of terrain- lots of hills- it was tough on the vehicle.  When we reached Sheridan Wyoming,  the check engine light started flashing at us and by the time we reached Billings, MT, the rig was shaking (we drive an Expedition).  This morning Jeff took it a dealership and found out that we broke the coils- possibly because of the weight of the trailer.  It's fixed- but it took  a chunk out of the budget. :(  It also delayed us by a half day, so it means an all nighter again tonight.  It's looking like we're going to have to lighten the load on the trailer- maybe take some mattresses back to Sam's that haven't been slept on, send some boxes ahead and possibly get rid of some of the heavier furniture that we're not attached to.  
Well- everyone is waiting on me.  Time to grab some lunch and give a shot! 
I appreciate everyone's prayers- I do believe that God is holding us right in the palm of His hand. 


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness.....sounds like a great trip....other than having to fix the rig! Hoping you all have a safe trip! Glad to hear the blood sugars are behaving :)

Jill Johnson said...

So glad to hear Jada's doing well. But ugh on the Expedition! I'm just glad you were somewhere near civilization where you could get it fixed! =) Praying you make it safe and sound - and with no further delays or unexpected expenses!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

Wow, you are going on the adventure aren't you? Great to hear Jada is doing so well. You guys are in my prayers during your travels. Praying Angels before you and in the trailer too. :)

Rocksee said...

I am happy that Jada is doing better! Good job momma!

Praying that things go better on the next few leg's of the journey, I agree with Jill, thank god you were close to somewhere that you could take it in!!

Praying hard for your safe travels!

Shannon said...

Oh no! I hope that this is the only thing that goes wrong! I hope that you make it there safe!

Keep us updated!