Sunday, April 5, 2009

Settled For a Little While

It's been a lo-o-o-ong week!  But now we are in our temporary place til we can make that glorious drive (some wouldn't call it that- but it's one amazing road trip) to Alaska.  I get those good, exciting butterflies in my tummy when I think about it.  I feel like a kid who is anticipating Christmas! :)  I just can't wait to go!
We had a few days that we were completely off schedule, which proved to be difficult with Jada's blood sugar.  Normally, they are somewhat predictable because I try to maintain a pretty good eating schedule with her.  The few days it took for us to move was hard, because we just never ate at the right time- always an hour or more later than usual.  It's going to be interesting taking a week long car trip with having to deal with this!   We should be able to maintain an eating schedule- we're planning on taking most of our food.  However, road trips with her in the past usually result in high blood sugar numbers.  My guess is the lack of activity.  
The next few weeks should be fairly "normal" for us.  Our daily schedule has remained the same.  We've moved so much that we've found the kids do much better in transition if we keep as much as possible the same.  School time, rest time in the afternoon and bedtime are all non-negotiable for us.  As soon as we are in Alaska, we'll go back to doing the same thing that we do down here.  Although, it will be more difficult, because I'm going to want to spend time catching up with all of our friends!!


Rocksee said...

It does seem like Christmas doesn't it! :) It's going to be soo soon!

Don't worry about the BS numbers.. she will get back into the swing of things no problem! Diabeties is just so hard to judge sometimes. Hubs is like that too though.. he really does well on a schedule. Ahh the Joys of diabeties!

Hola my fellow future Fairbankian!

Wendy said...

I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Enjoy each other every step of the way.

Take lots of pics of God's creation too!!! I've never been to Alaska and would LOVE to see the place you call home ;)

Shamae said...

Glad you are somewhat settled! It is better than not being settled at all. lol I can't wait to see pics too. I bet the drive is beautiful!!! Traveling with diabetes is a bit rough. We drove to Disneyland last October...which is about a 14 hour drive. We did it in one day and it had it's challenges but we all survived. :D You will do great!!

Rachel said...

Oh, cool! What is bringing you to Alaska? Have you have lived there before? I hope that your move goes well. That's a big move, but very exciting too.

I have several friends in the Fairbanks area. I used to go there for Thanksgiving every year. It was so fun. Good memories. :) I actually lived in a small town in the intereior. I then lived on the Kenai Peninsula for a year and a half before we had to move outside. I still miss Alaska so much.

We'd love to go back someday if the Lord leads us.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)


Rachel said...

We moved out of Alaska in October of 2006. I wonder if we passed each other on the highway!!!

I hope that your trip goes well, and that your life and ministry there is enjoyable and productive.