Monday, February 2, 2009

Seeing Improvement!

The last time I blogged, I felt as if I were going into a panic with Jada's  nearly out of control spiking!  I am still amazed at how this disease can cause me to have sleepless nights and worry-full days!  So, I am happy to report that we are seeing much better numbers!  
We did some more tweaking with the novolog and are dosing before she eats.  For some reason, it seems more imperative that we do it at breakfast because she doesn't have as many problems with spiking after lunch or supper.   I'm resting better, breathing easier!
Tonight I took David and his buddy Joseph to Incredible Pizza to celebrate David reading over 11,000 minutes for school (which, by the way, was done BEFORE Christmas!).  Jeff stayed home with the girls and Eli (who was supposed to have gone with us, but the poor kid had the privilege revoked after repeated infractions!).   It was a good night---just spending time with my biggest boy and he actually requested that I go and not Jeff- which is somewhat unusual.  The guys are always off doing their "thing"- and I'm really glad they do, it's just nice to be wanted! :)


Jill said...

YAYYYYY Amy! I'm glad the dosing before a meal is helping :) Our doc told us that is why you'll see a better number on the A1c too. It took me a while to do because I was scared she'd go low if she didn't eat anything but when we were reassured that she could have juice or milk to counteract what we dosed her for. ***fingers crossed*** for more numbers within range for her!

Jill Johnson said...

Well, I can't say I have any understanding of what you're going through or the language of your new "world," but you're doing such a great job. I hope you'll be able to get her numbers leveled out so you can get more peaceful rest.