Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Liking These Numbers!

Jada had a great day today!  She's had so many of those in a row that I feel as if I'm getting spoiled!  I love it when she wakes at a good number- it seems to set the tone for the day and her diabetes seems much more manageable.  She was right around 100 this morning and it was her day to have a breakfast "date" with daddy.  Once a week, he takes one of the kids out for some special time with him. Typically, he takes the kids to Panera Bread.  Obviously, that's not a great choice for Jada! :)  So, he takes her to a little restaurant down the street where she can get some eggs and toast.  
At lunch, she had dropped a little- down to 94, which isn't too far and with just having a peanut butter sandwich, she didn't need a shot! That's always a good thing!  She even had to have a little snack before her nap, because she had only risen to 115 an hour after she had eaten.  The banana she ate sent her a little high- just over 200- at her snack time.  But- she had a great nap and woke up happy.  So often I have to check her and wake her up so that she doesn't drop too low while sleeping.
At dinner, she was 169 and she had a carb free meal.  150 is her target blood sugar and because she was so close to her target, we opted for  no carbs and no shot.  It worked beautifully tonight.  At bedtime she was at 160!  She had 15 grams of carbs before bed, and hopefully, that will get her through the night.
Wonder if we can do this again tomorrow?


Jill said...

Wow! Those are great numbers :) Keep it up Jada! YAYYYY!

Shannon said...

That is great! I wish I could see numbers like that right now! Way to go!

:) Tracie said...

Don'tcha love days like that! Great job Mom and Dad!