Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Rocked Our World

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that we were going to be "rocking our world" when we announced to our family and friends about some upcoming changes to our life.  Well- we did it and now I feel free to share with you about our life change coming.
We are moving back to Alaska.  We are so excited yet a little nervous.  We began to pray intently about going back after Christmas and  much to our surprise (really- we shouldn't have been surprised)- God began to swing the doors wide open.  Jeff has taken a job with a restaurant in Fairbanks and we will be back in Fairbanks by the end of March!!  Winter won't even really be over when we arrive!
Some have been very supportive, but this decision has also brought on some criticism from some of our family and friends.  Some are calling us "irresponsible" with Jada- moving to a place where healthcare isn't as top notch as it is in the lower 48.  My greatest fear about this move- was Jada.  I was concerned about healthcare for her and called the Diabetes Clinic in Fairbanks.  I talked to the inpatient educator who informed me- that in a town of 35,000 people, they have at least 1 new diagnosis a month of Type 1 diabetes.  To me- that's a lot.  There is a good support group that meets once a month and even though there are no endocrinologists in Fairbanks, there are a number of pediatricians that specialize in diabetes AND we can go to Anchorage if we feel the care is not adequate.  So- that's where we are with moving and diabetes.  Jeff and I are confident that we can take care of her and we will get the support that we need in order to do so and to do so well.
We are moving back to the place that we love and the people that we have a heart for.  Jeff is a recovering alcoholic and I- a recovering codependent. Those two just go hand in hand so well! :)  Alcoholism is rampant in the far north.  Actually, any addiction that you can think of is rampant and families are torn apart on a daily basis because of this.  God has given us a heart for the families of the far north.  He changed our life and because of His grace- we are still married and in love with each other.  I look at what we went through and I'm amazed that our family is still intact.  It's not because of us- but because of Him.  Our passion is to come alongside others who are where we have been and give them encouragement and hope.  Why Alaska?  Because people there are hurting, lonely and ready for their life to change- unlike anywhere we've lived.  Also- we believe that God has led us there and He it's obvious that He is once again making a clear path for us to go back.  When we committed going back to prayer, He immediately opened a door and continues to make that path straight.
So- go ahead and call us crazy! :)  Living for ourselves is empty but living for Him has filled our lives with peace and joy- even when it doesn't seem right to others.


Sarah said...

We can't wait to see you guys!! I hope that your move goes smoothly and that you have fun on your trip!

Jim said...

Wow. And I thought I was...well, crazy! You guys are crazy for all the right reasons. Sounds like your hearts and reasons are great! Go and minister well. We love it!

Susie Syx said...

Will you work with Native families there? I hope you have a great transition back!!!

Amy said...

Sarah- we really can't wait to get back!! Jim- thanks for checking on the blog- we're continuing to pray for Jon's recovery and I'm watching for updates on FB! So glad Sarah is back with you! Susie- we won't be "targeting" native Alaskans- Fairbanks is such a mixed bag of people- but we may certainly minister to some along the way!

Jill Johnson said...

Amy, I'm so glad God is opening doors for you and making things clear to you. I will be praying for the move and transition back to AK.

Lori said...

Shine your light! I'm inspired by your courage and amazed at your strength. I know where you get it! I will pray for the transition and for the right doctor.