Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Last week we adjusted Jada's lantus because she had been consistently high through out the day but didn't touch the novolog.  We discussed with our CDE about what to do with the novolog and she said that if we felt like we needed to increase it, to go ahead and do it.  Well, I think we're heading in that direction, but I'm not sure.
About an hour and a half after she eats- and this happens every day- Jada asks for a drink of water.  She will guzzle 8-12 oz. of water- then of course I know she's high- usually in the 300's.  But by the time lunch rolls around at 11:00 or  11:30- she's within close range of her target number, which is 150.  Actually, she is quite often closer to 100.  Is it normal  to spike before the rapid acting insulin works?  Somewhat confusing, because I thought the whole point of rapid acting insulin was to ACT RAPIDLY!  Her numbers the rest of the day are pretty good and we've had more lows the last week than we have in a while.  
If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts....


Jill said...

Are you dosing Jada before or after a meal? Our CDE told us that made a huge difference because fast acting insulin takes about 20min to really start working (LOL not really fast huh?) So she was explaining to me that if Kacey ate and it took her 30min to eat then that was 30min her sugar was spiking and then she had to wait another 20min for the insulin to kick in so that was almost an hour her blood sugar was rising. So I began dosing before her meal. The only problem with this is you run the risk of her not eating everything on her plate. I used to freak out because those were carbs we dosed for but our CDE just told us to give her something to cover those carbs like milk or juice and Kacey has done GREAT with that! So we always dose before a meal now and we were told at our Endo that thats a big part of the reason her A1c was so good and her blood sugars were not hitting the 300-400 range after a meal. So maybe you can try giving her the insulin about 10min before she eats and see how she does :)

Hope this helps!

Rachel said...

I'm with you... this part is so difficult. What we usually do with Tristan is dose his blood sugar right away before he starts to eat. That way, he's getting some insulin. Then, most of the time, we dose after he eat. Tristan is a very picky eater so we prefer to wait so we know exactly what he ate. However, we at times dose in the middle of the meal. If he's finish with one part of his meal or we know that the meal has a lot of carbs, we will dose for what he ate. Also, we dose his meal before he starts his deserts. Hope this helps.

Amy said...

We have been dosing right after a meal, but are definitely changing that. When she was diagnosed- at not even 3 years old- it was so hard to get her to eat what we dosed her for and then try to make up for it if she didn't finish. So- we've done that ever since and haven't had any problems until recently. So- we started today with her lunch time dose and have had awesome numbers all day- but breakfast is always where we run into big trouble, so we'll see how that goes tomorrow!
Thank you ladies for your support and encouragement. I know that you know- it means a lot!

Wendy said...

HI...ran across your blog and just want to tell you to keep up the good work!

My daughter was dx 3 1/2 years ago, at the age of 24 months. Now she's 5 - going on 15...people kept telling me that life would be "normal" again but I didn't believe them.

Guess is...still topsy turvey, but "normal" all the same :)