Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jada's Pink Camo Bag

I wanted to upload this picture last night with my post, but couldn't find my camera. This is Jada with her pink camoflauge bag, which holds her diabetic supplies when we are out and about. We were heading out to eat and it's her job to carry it to the car. It once got left at an Arby's and talk about panic! Fortunately, we realized as soon as we got home and called- the manager had just found it and was getting ready to call us. Our address and phone number is printed on the inside!


Shannon said...

So cute! Is made for diabetic supplies? Or is it just a regular bag? Love it!

Amy said...

It's just the bag that the hospital gave us! It's slightly insulated- not so great for long haul kind of trips. But- she absolutely loves it!

Jill said...

OMG! We got the same bag in the hospital! Kacey switched to a Vera Bradley bag last month but we couldn't part with the one she got at diagnosis. She's got it in her room on her shelf.

:) Tracie said...

Cute bag!

Jessi's is orange flames. I was stunned when she picked a "boy" bag! It's actually her Glucometer AKA checker bag.

Flores Hayes said...

the bag is cute!

my roommate bought a panda bag!
She is just THRILLED with it and can’t put it down.