Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday Lows

It seems I've spent the weekend battling lows with Jada. My sister in law and her family came on Thursday. Actually- they brought David back. He had been staying with them since the previous weekend. They left today and we had a great time. They have four children ranging from age 11 down to 4 months. We had a houseful and plenty of excitement around here with kids running all over the place.
All of the excitement and activity caused several lows. At about 10 am on Friday, she started acting hungry and crabby. Checked her and she was 107 and apparently falling fast. I gave her 15 grams, because I wasn't sure what time we would eat lunch. At 10:30, she didn't appear to be any better, so I checked and she was at 84. Sheesh. I gave her half a banana. A little while later we left and drove through McDonalds and took our food to the park. I checked her again at 11:30 before we ate and she was at 104. I was glad she didn't spike but decided not to give her a shot with her cheeseburger because I knew she'd be running around and I was concerned that she would drop again. I would have thought that the 30 grams of carbs in that cheeseburger (the bun) would have been enough to spike her. Not so. At noon, she looks a little peaked and is moving slowly. Checked and she was at 80!! I gave her a 100 calorie snack pack and made her sit for a few minutes. I couldn't keep her down- she wanted to run and play, so I let her go. I checked her again 15 minutes later- 72. Holy cow. At that point, I decided she was done playing and I dug into my purse for the candy I keep for emergencies and a juice box. We went back to the van and turned on a movie while she ate smarties and drank her juice box and the other kids finished playing. I was beginning to get concerned and I couldn't figure out why she was having a hard time coming up- I still don't know why. My only guess is that she was burning sugar nearly as fast as she could consume it. She finally spiked to 274 and began to slowly come down after that- I don't think I'd ever been more relieved to see a high blood sugar!
The rest of the weekend she was pretty good. We did have some moments when cousins and siblings got to have donuts, cake and ice cream and she was unable to have it. I just hate that. She would eventually get to have it, but not until a meal. It's times like that in which I really look forward to the day that she will be on a pump and we can be a little more relaxed and flexible with what and when she eats. It's pretty tough to offer her a piece of cheese or a handful of nuts or a spoonful of peanut butter when everyone else is indulging in chocolate. We did have some Sprite Zero on hand and she had a little of that- but it's not what she really wanted. She lucked out and was a tad low after her nap today and scored a small piece of chocolte cake- you would have thought she won the lottery!


Jen said...

I'm sorry Jada had such a hard day! I know it just breaks your heart to see her so sad to be left out when the other kiddos get to eat something she can't have right then. I hope today is better for you both!

Jill Johnson said...

I admire you for all you go through & stay strong. I know it's so hard on Jada - and you - when she misses out on the treats others have. Praying for a cure for diabetes!

Jill said...

LOL about winning the lottery! OMG I sooo know what you mean ;) I hope things are getting better for her. We're counting the days til we get the pump too! Do you know when they are gonna let her get one? We're waiting for approval now :)

Amy said...

I go back and forth with the pump! I'm ready for her to have one- but I don't know if she' ready. She's such a little girl and will change her clothes ten times a day- constantly playing dress up. I could just see her pulling the tubing out accidentally and having a mess on a daily basis! I could be wrong, but I think in a year, she'll be able to handle it better. Our endo has basically left it up to us as far as when we want to start it.