Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

My post tonight finds me sitting in a hotel room in Anchorage after an evening spent with my niece and her fiance. We left Fairbanks shortly after 8 am this morning and had a beautiful and event-less drive. It's amazing how the weather can change so many times in about a 6 hour span of time. In Fairbanks, it was about 25 below zero and cloudy....a little further down the road the sun- YES- the SUN was out (we haven't really seen the sun for about a month) and when we arrived in Anchorage, the city was covered in a dense fog and it was about 9 degrees. Anchorage gets at least an hour more of daylight than we do, and the sun actually makes it halfway up in the sky, so I'm hoping the cloud cover dissipates and we have a sunny day to be out and about tomorrow.

We're using points to "pay" for our hotel stay and when we called to make the reservation, they weren't even close to full, so they upgraded our room to an Executive Suite. Ummm...nice!!! Jeff and I have our own bedroom, we have a table to eat on, and a large pull out sofa in the living area. The nice part for me was the oversized jacuzzi tub in the bathroom! So...when Jeff took the kids to the pool....I jumped into the tub and soaked my achy, travel worn body for a good long time!

So, we made it to problems. We're having a great time so far...tomorrow we go to my sister in laws house until Monday. Blood sugars are behaving, although I'm anticipating low blood sugars tonight as Jada swam a bunch this afternoon. Swimming ALWAYS does it to her about 10-12 hours after the fact. I'm hoping for some shopping tomorrow...Target here I come!!!


phonelady said...

Oh wow that is awesome and hope you have a great time and lots of shopping done . LOL !!!

Joanne said...

Ahhhhh, jacuzzi tub. Sounds wonderful!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

So glad you got a little down time too. I can't even imagine not being able to see the sun. You are such a better person than I am to live there.

Rocksee said...

SO glad you are having fun.. and a little FYI it's -35 here now.. with a wind chill of -50. So be glad you are down in a slightly warmer climate! :) glad you made it and are having an awesome weekend. I am going to be so sad when Muffin has to go home.. she has been such a great doggy. We love having her!