Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A1C and Other Things

Jada had her Dr.'s apppointment on Thursday and on Friday afternoon, we got the results of her A1C. I knew that it wouldn't be 6.8 again, but was hoping for somewhere in the 7's. We got neither....it was 8.1. ((Sigh)) I know that's not "bad" but still...ya'll know how I feel about it. I shouldn't have been surprised, though, because the last 3 months have probably been our toughest to date since diagnosis. Once again, we just pick up, move on and tweak those numbers where needed.

It was a busy weekend! Jeff coordinated an outreach with our church in an area just outside of town that we refer to as Goldstream. It's a neighborhood in the gold-rich hills of this area where people who like to be alone, who are drug and alcohol addicts like to live- where no one will bother them. For those of you who don't know...Jeff is a recovering alcoholic and he and I lead the recovery ministry at our church. It is our hope to eventually start a recovery group in this area of town. So, back to the outreach. It was a free fried chicken dinner and comedy night for the local residents held at their community center. Jeff cut up 40 whole chickens in our kitchen on Saturday and on Sunday afternoon I peeled/cooked and mashed 50- YES- 50 pounds of potatos!!! Yes...my hands were SORE! We planned for 100 and had between 70 and 80 show up. It was a great time....our friend Stan and his son-in-law Shane did some stand up comedy....and yes they were hilarious! I wish I had them on video...they had us laughing good. We would appreciate prayers from anyone as we continue to reach out to the Goldstream area. Next week we start a video series out there called H2O- it explores what it means to be a Christian- kind of a starting point. It's our intention to be as involved as possible.

Our kitty. His name is Claws. He is actually Mary Beth's cat...pretty sweet little guy. Although, I think I'm allergic and am hoping the symptoms I'm having are due to a minor cold and NOT the cat. Funny, though, how my scratchy throat went away while I was out of the house for a few hours tonight! :( Ugh. I don't hold him, cuddle him or even feed him (NOT my job!), but my eyes still manage to get itchy...I don't think that's good. The good thing is, TWICE I have found him next to Jada and nuzzling her hair and ears WHEN HER BLOOD SUGAR WAS LOW in the middle of the night!!!! We're talking 50's and 60's low! On another night, she came into our room because he woke her up. Her blood sugar was in the 120s....on the lower side for a midnight reading and I gave her some juice. She woke up around 100 that next morning. Now, if I could just get Claws to come and get ME when she goes low!! :)

Oh...on a good note for me...I got my migraine meds!! What a relief. I got into see the dr. on Friday and he set me up. I'm taking Propanalol for prevention (woohoo) and Imitrex for the abortive meds plus Reglan for nausea. I've already had to use the Imitrex....got a migraine yesterday afternoon while preparing the potatoes. Boy...was I glad to have it! The last time I was on preventive meds, I went down to about 1 migraine every 2 months and with the Imitrex, they aren't a big deal. I've been having at least 2 a month, so I'm feeling a whole lot of relief. It's pretty dang hard to take care of a diabetic child when I'm in so much pain that I can't move.

Okay...it's off to bed I go- after I check Facebook (wonder if anyone is on?), start the dishwasher, switch laundry, let the dog out one more time and glance outside to see if the Northern Lights are active tonight. I'll get there eventually!


phonelady said...

well you have had quite a wk huh ? god bless you I get migraines too i know how awfull they are and how dilbiltating as well . Yep I know I cant move when i have one sometimes but God bless you and the family .

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I'm sure Christopher would take Jada's 8.1 A1C. I know his is probably high because he is 19 and doesn't think he needs to check his blood anymore. God bless you and your hubby's ministry. My best friend from HS's husband is an alcoholic and really struggling. She is sticking it out and has for the past 6 years. I don't know how she does it other than lots of prayer. Have a great day and I'm so glad you got your meds.

Nicole said...

Our last endo appointment Cara's A1c was 10....not good at all. But I really think the next time will be much better. We solved all the problems with the school that was causing the highs during the day for Cara.

Good Luck with training the diabetic alert cat lol and hope your allergies get better!!

Lora said...

What a great way to reach out. 70 to 80 is a great turn out. 1 person helped is worth it in my book :)

I know what you mean about the A1c... that's not bad but I would be mad about it(that's just how us moms are right?).

Animals are amazing sometimes. I hope the alergy thing works out.

Glad you got your meds... I hate migrains. I use to get them ALL the time. We finally found a "lump" in the back of my head that was causing them. Once it was removed... things got much better(phew!!).

Wendy said...

I heart Claws :)

LOVE THE OUTREACH!!!!!!! Well done, my friend -- I hope everyone enjoyed dinner! I will pray for this journey.

A1c Shmay1c. YOU'RE A D MOM ROCKSTAR!!!!!

Meri said...

Itchy eyes are so worth it for a cat that wakes up a kid with lows! Claws ROCKS!

I'm sorry about your migraines...I had no idea you got them so often. How totally miserable! I get one about once a year. I know how debilitating they are. And to start to get one at such an important event? UHG! I'm so glad you had your new meds.

God bless your family for reaching out and doing so much good!!

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