Friday, January 15, 2010

Dr. Appointment and PUMP!

Yesterday, Jada's dr's appointment went very well. In my previous post, I had mentioned my nervousness because I hadn't followed the plan we laid out at Jada's previous check up. need to have worried, because Dr. W told me that if it wasn't working...then don't worry about it and do what suits Jada's needs and the needs of your family. I think I had forgotten just how much I like Dr. W!! :)
Dr. W was happy with the numbers she saw in Jada's was I after I got it updated a few days ago. The last few weeks have been pretty good for the blood sugar numbers. The 30 day average on the meter was 177, so I think we're looking in the low to mid-7's for her A1C, which we should get the results of today.

The big news is that we are getting the paperwork going for a PUMP!! I was hoping to pick the pump I wanted, but found out that Dr. W only prescribes the Minimed. I was bummed at first, but am now more than okay with it. Dr. W is NOT an endocrinologist (the closest endo is 6 hours away and no ped. endos in Alaska at all), she's a pediatrician who has taken on Type 1 because the need here is big and it has become her passion. She doesn't have a whole team of CDE's to help her manage dosage changes, pump questions, etc....she takes care of most of it herself. So, basically, she decided that she needed to become an expert on ONE pump and how it works. She chose Medtronic largely because of the support she received while doing her pump research. know what....I'm good with that. can now get the Minimed in pink (according to their website) which, of course, makes any girl HAPPY!

So...what does Jada think of the pump? We've been talking it up for several months and we've not always had a positive response from her. I mean, really, at 4 years old, she really can't understand how much this could change her life! If she sees pictures of any of your (meaning my dear blogging friends) kids, she'll ask if they have a pump or if they take shots like her. She's been curious....but very hesitant. Dr. W had a Minimed for us to look at and the minute she opened the box, Jada was right there...eyes big....very serious...checking it all out. She held it, she touched the infusion sets (Dr. W had a variety) and Dr. W showed her how it works. I wanted to cry...because the more we talked, the more Jada began to smile and I could see that she KNOWS she wants one now! It's all she could talk about on the way home.

My heart feels so much lighter knowing that change is may be a few months away but I KNOW it's coming. Giving her shots has been tough for me lately...seeing the bruising on her arms, legs and little butt cheeks. The other day she told me she could see the little hole in her arm where I gave her a shot! She thought it was cool, but it broke my heart. I hate those little holes! So...the winds of change are blowing a new thing our way. I'm ready to go!


Wendy said...


Thank YOU for taking on this monster and helping T1 families in need -- and THANK YOU for your willingness to learn about pumping, get educated, and MAKE PUMPING WORK FOR KIDS IN ALASKA!!!!!!!

I'm so thrilled for you, Amy :) ABSOULTELY THRILLED!!!!!!!

Enjoy every second -- and hug that doctor for me, will ya????

Meri said...

I'm with Wendy, what an angel!
I'm here for ya with the medronic questions...:) There are no stupid questions.

I betcha she will adjust to it quicker than you will. D Kids are amazing!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you have such a great doctor for Jada. Hooray for Dr. W!

I hope that the pump works out well for all of you. That's very cool that Jada can even have a pink one. :)

Shamae said...

YAY!! Awesome! Sorry you didn't get to pump shop but glad you are comfortable with the decision! Syd has a MM and we love it though. Yay for a good appt!

Laura Houston said...

WOW - love Dr. W. That is so awesome. Yea for a pink pump!! I'm so excited for you and for Jada.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

YAYYYYYY ~ I'm so excited for Jada...and you. It will change your lives. Christopehr is on the Animas pump. He chose that one because it worked best for him. Medronic will work great for you though. If she has any questions, email me and I know Christopher would email her and encourage her. :)

phonelady said...

Yeah for Jada and tell her Im a pink girl too . all of us girly girls with the big d have to stick together . Im so glad cause I think the pump will make things easier . Yeah !!!!

Nicole said...

I'm so excited for you! and I will be watching you very closely because I'm hoping to get Cara starting the pump very soon. Our next endo appointment is in the beginning of March and we will have the TALK then. GOOD LUCK :-) Maybe we will be going through this part of the D journey together!!

Rach said...

I use Minimed and love it. I'm so happy for you all. The pump is easy to adapt to, and kids find it even easier than adults because it's like a video game! It will give your sweet daughter some new freedom and better sugar control. If you need any support, you can let me know!

Bethanne said...

I do love my minimed, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the support Minimed has. They are always there for me. :)

I'm so glad she warmed up to it while you were at the doctors. I'll say a prayer that there will be no hiccups during the transition.


Jennie said...

My daughter has the pink mini med pump and we really like it. We researched and took classes on all the pumps before deciding and are now very happy with our choice. If it is your only option, just know that it is a good one. I am hoping to upgrade her pump when they come out with the tube-less one in the next year. Her A1c has never been better since the use of the pump. It has given her a lot more freedom to snack and still give herself a bolus instead of sneaking bites without insulin. It sure is much better than doing shots all day long.