Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

The Santa Claus house in North Pole and of course, the REAL Santa lives here! ;)

The reindeer resting up for their big journey a few days before Christmas!!

Christmas Eve- making cookies and Jada's blood sugars ROCKED that night!

Decorated by little hands......

Leaving eggnog and cookies for Santa, carrots for the reindeer in their Christmas jammies!

Christmas Morning.... a BB gun for Eli and .22 for David....holy smokes!!

Mary Beth and her Christmas kitten....appropriately named Claws.....who will soon be clawless!!

Jada and her princess's keeping her busy for hours at a time!!!

Santa surprised the family with a Wii fit!!


Rocksee said...

I am SO happy that you had such a great christmas!

phonelady said...

wow it looks as though you had an awesome christmas and so glad .

Wendy said...

LOVE THE PICS!!!! saw Santa's REAL house :) That's so cool!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! Wii Fit!!!!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I knew Santa lived close to you. :) Looks like you had an amazing Christmas. All of our snow is gone and I'm a happy camper again. :) You would just die laughing at me.