Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catchin' Up...Again...

I don't know what it is with me and my blog lately. I can't tell you how many times I've sat down to write...and NOTHING! I stare at my computer screen and just can't get it out. I've even had some blog worthy things happening...but what the heck....can't seem to get it out. I think it helps to have so many of you on Facebook and when the drama happens, that's often the first place I go. here's my blog worthy stuff.

1. I discovered last week that Jeff and I have been giving Jada different amounts of Lantus in the morning. I know, I know....I KNOW!!! ugh. Over the last 6 weeks, we were really struggling with the "she needs more than 2.5 units, but a full 3 units just seemed to be too much" kind of thing. Well....suddenly, we arrived at her needing those full 3 units of Lantus and when I made the switch...I told Jeff....once. Some mornings, I am up early with the kids and some mornings, Jeff is on duty while I shower and get ready for the day, so he takes care of it. Last week her numbers were just somewhat strange....some days running higher than what I thought they should and I began to wonder if we were going to have to raise it to 3.5 units. I mentioned it to Jeff and that's when we discovered what we had been doing. He had just forgotten...we both cringed...said oh crap....and moved on....what else do you do???

2. I had a BAD moretic mommy moment yesterday. Somebody slap me please! I always leave to pick up the kids from school at about 3:25 and just before we leave, I always check Jada. It's our routine. She was 125. Good number. We are gone from home about 15 minutes's only a 2 minute drive but takes a bit of time because of the traffic. So...we left and parked- oh and also driving a van that we are renting for the week. So, we park..and she tells me that she's hungry. I reply that we'll be home in a few and we'll have a snack. 2 minutes later, she's screaming at me that her tummy HURTS and that she needs to eat!! I look back and she is doubled over in her seat screaming and crying and I HAD NOTHING WITH ME! Left my purse at home because I trusted that number just a little too much and of course, in our Expedition, I have a stash for moments like these! But I wasn't in the Expedition, I was in an ultra clean mini-van! I ran for Mary Beth's classroom, which wasn't very far away and I knew her teacher would have juice boxes. Jada actually recovered pretty quickly and was at 75 when we got home. All that at 40 degrees below zero !! Crappy afternoon!

Lesson I learned? I will never fully trust a "good " number again....even though it was good, I underestimated how quickly she was falling. And even though I was only going to be gone for 15 minutes, it wouldn't have been that difficult for me to throw some candy in my pocket. And in case your wondering why I didn't take my purse....I had car seats to move in and out in extremely cold temperatures ( I watch 2 little ones a couple of days a week) plus a baby to carry in and out of the house as well. My purse just seemed like too much to deal with at the moment.

3. Eye doctor. Jada went to her first eye check up ever today. She did AWESOME! I am always so proud of how well she deals with all the crap that we have to put her through. She followed every direction given to her....never once resisted anything. He was able to get a good look at the inside of her eyes without having to dilate them and he said they looked perfect. :) Her vision is excellent and his only instruction was to bring her back in a year unless we had concerns.

4. Today is her 3 month checkup. I'm a little nervous, as I haven't exactly followed dr.'s orders to a "t". We started off doing her recommendations, but we soon realized that it just wasn't working. We're not using the insulin pen, which Dr. W really recommended, but I now really DISLIKE! She also wanted us to do Jada's Lantus at night...but that was disastrous as well. It was supposed to be a bedtime shot, but THAT was a battle that I didn't want to fight because it meant a 4th shot for the day. So, I moved the Lantus to dinner time so we could mix it with the Novolog, like we had been doing at breakfast. This is when the moretic side of me began showing up... at least 3 nights a week it seems we are off and running somewhere, so meal times are sometimes rushed. I would forget her Lantus and would end up giving it to her at bedtime anyhow. Then there was the night that I forgot it all together and remembered after she had gone to bed. That was when I decided that morning was best...because we wouldn't forget...and really...her numbers hadn't changed because of switching to night.

So...we'll see what Dr. W has to say about all of that tomorrow! I think we're looking in the low-mid 7's for her A1C according to her meter 30 day average...which is 177. We'll see!

Okay...that's a little of my craziness...mostly about me doing moretic things and Jada doing very well in spite of me! Yeah...that's the way I've been feeling lately. I'll be on top of things again soon...hopefully we'll be talking PUMP alot tomorrow. I'll let you know!


phonelady said...

Oh crap and move on , LOL I love it .can we say bumper sticker moment ? Love it .

Melissa's Thoughts said...

You know, we have all done things like that. I had to keep a book on the table and write down when I gave him his shot and the amount. In the begining I felt so scatter brained that I even had someone check behind me. See you are not alone. We have all been there and you are doing a great job. :)

:) Tracie said...

Um, yeah, that's why my blog is called "such is life".

Your living life just like the rest of us and doing the best you know how! Plus, having our minds "on" all the time gets really exhausting after awhile so it's no wonder we can mess up.

Keep doing a great job, you really are!

Shamae said...

You do a great job Amy! You DO!!! I promise! And I've been slacking in blog world too. HUGS!

Wendy said...

You have a happy girl. That's the best way to measure anything :)

I think you're doing awesome and can't wait to hear more about your pump jouney!!!!

Laura Houston said...

I remember the night you forgot the bedtime shot!! So did I. What a pair we make!!

Her numbers sound great. You are doing awesome!! Are you going to discuss the pump at the check-up?

I love the Oh crap and Move on!!
Love it!!!