Thursday, March 26, 2009

Packing and Cleaning for Move #1

We are moving this weekend- to a temporary apartment for a little less than 4 weeks!  Jeff's new employer messed up his training schedule and we were originally have supposed to been on the road to Alaska last weekend. It turned out to NOT be a good weekend to travel as our route was hit by a blizzard and inundated with 18 inches of snow.  That would have been a lot of fun pulling a 12 foot cargo trailer behind us!  Traveling at the end of April will be much safer and we're hoping to see lots and lots of wildlife on the trip.
Currently, I'm up to my elbows in boxes and cleaning.  I have double ovens and only the top one is self cleaning, so I've spent the afternoon in the kitchen. Oh so much fun! My hands look and feel like dried up prunes! The house is mostly packed up, except for the girls bedroom and those things that we need to just survive.  
As far as Jada goes, her morning numbers have been perfect.  However, I've noticed the last few days, that even if she's on the lower side- say, around 100, even a small snack  (8 grams of carbs) in the afternoon will start her steadily climbing until her supper time shot.  Even last week, she wasn't doing this.  I'm thinking it's time to call her endo and send in her recent numbers.  It's nothing alarming, I'm just seeing a new trend for her.  I'm wondering maybe if we're going to have to do a shot at snack time, too-  which just makes me cringe.  I'm thinking it's high time to pursue a pump and I think we will as soon as we are settled in Alaska.
Well- it's back to more cleaning and packing.  Hopefully, I'll remember to stop and fix supper for everyone tonight! LOL!  I can't wait to be done with this!


Jill said...

Thats WONDERFUL that you're spotting trends :) Its a great feeling when you feel like you can see the changes and tell the doctor what needs to be done. Wooohooo about the pump :) I'm still so bummed about Cozmo :( I spoke with Kaceys CDE and she said that as far as they know, no one is buying out Smiths, they are selling out everything in the next 4 years. She said we could actually return Herbie since its been less that 30 days and go with a different pump. There is NOOOOOO way I'd tell Kacey we had to send Herbie back!! We're keeping him 4 years and then it will be time for something new :) Good luck with moving!!

Shamae said...

Good luck with the moving! I hate moving and don't envy you at all. KUP on how it goes. I hope you all get there safe N sound. Great news spotting that trend in Jada. Syd has had times where even a few carbs will send her on a upward trend. I often wonder what is going on inside their little bodies that makes things change so often. Good luck!

Rocksee said...

YAY for moving!

You lucky girl! I wish I was that close to getting to Fairbanks.. We also moved to a small apartment just to downsize and save a little more in the last 6 mo. It's worked out well!

I bet the drive will be fantastic! April is a great month to go. I had a friend jjjjust barely making to Anch on the ALCAN from Kansas. He said it was quite a tough trip with the weather.

It's fantastic that you are able to spot trends with Jada! It makes it so much easier to head off bad spells when you know what to look for!

Good luck!!!

Wendy said...

Wow...have lots and lots of fun on the journey God has in store for you. Try to post often so we can stay updated!

Way to go D-Mom! Great job seeing those trends :)

Jill Johnson said...

Happy packing! i don't envy you there. =p Great new look on the blog! I hope you'll be able to get the pump to help Jada!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

We love the pump. My son was dropping in the middle of the night and the pump was a wonderful fix for us. Good luck with the move.