Friday, October 31, 2008

Jada's First Halloween with Diabetes

Whewwwwww......done at last. I don't know why I was so worried about how I was going to handle Jada's first Halloween with Diabetes. And of course, she went as a princess. Fortunately, we weren't gone long, as little legs can only handle so much! Mary Beth took it upon herself to inform every homeowner that Jada was diabetic! I finally had to tell her to stop, because they were all apologizing for not having anything sugar free! Jada got a fair amount of candy and when we went home, I let her pick out a few pieces of candy, got online and looked up the carb count and gave her a shot. I'm interested to see what her numbers are when I check her later tonight. I put her candy up and tomorrow, I think she may decide to exchange her candy for a toy or movie.

So, I'm glad it's done. I know that I have more holidays to look forward to. Thanksgiving shouldn't be too bad, but Christmas will be interesting. We love to cook and bake and fill the kids stockings up with candy. I guess we'll get that figured out, too. One thing I've learned, you just have to take this disease moment by moment (kind of like going through recovery!), taking care of issues as they come up and try- as hard as it may be- to keep a positive attitude.


Jen said...

Good for you for allowing Jada to have a little bit. Did she go for exchanging the rest for a movie? I'm about ready to do that myself with Chloe Grace...her teeth were in such bad shape when we got home it took 4 dental appointments to get her on track. No way does she need all that candy!! Hope things are going well!

Amy said...

I'm such a bad mom! Nope- haven't done that yet! We've had such a busy week that it kind of went by the wayside! I can get away with it this year, but next, when she's older, I won't be able to! :)
Thanks Jen!