Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Late Night Update

We are nearly at a week since we switched her Lantus dosage to night and I'm still not happy with the changes, but I'm not nearly as frustrated either. I have seen a gradual improvement in numbers and I've spent a lot of time thinking about what possibly could have gone wrong.
We've not changed the amount of Lantus that she's taking- just the time of day. I would have thought that after a few days, it would have straightened itself out. We also did 3- yes- count'em- 3- changes at the same time.

1. We moved the Lantus to evening.
2. We changed to the Novopen, Jr.
3. And.....we've changed to the Lantus pen.

And...I don't think I like the pens and I think the Novopen is causing some VERY high numbers after meal times. When I give her the shot of insulin from the pen, we ALWAYS have some leaking onto her arm and some is dripping out of the tip. I count to 10 (would go longer but are you kidding me? I can barely get her to sit still for that long!) and when I pull it out, I have to wipe the insulin off of her arm. Today, at lunch I dosed her for 35 grams of carbs- she ate only about 3/4 of it and when she woke up from her nap she was 421!! I ended up giving her a shot (syringe) for her snack and she was back down to 116 at dinner which ROCKS! :) That has been the consistent story with her and I really think these wacky high numbers are more due to her Novopen, Jr. than the switching to night.

Well- that's the short of it. I'm so tired I can hardly see the screen! Thank you ladies for your supposrt and encouragement!! Love you all!


phonelady said...

Aww Amy hugs to you . I dont like the pens very much cause I really cant see the lines even with my glasses on . and they also leak with everyone so it is not you , I think the syringe is still the best thing . I use bd and they are the most comfortable my dear to me anyways . I still prefer insulin vial and syringe .I still think it is the best delivery regardless . and I cant tell you how many shots I have taken over the yrs . so just hang tight and yeah she will get used to those shots . I wish she did not have to. I will pray for you and your family dear . Hope things get better soon .

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I'm sure you have, but have you tried changing out the insulin. Maybe you got a bad batch. Next I would try doing it in her legs if she will let you or her stomach. I know it's frustrating, but hang in there and it will all come back to the right numbers.

Meri said...

I think you got it! Try a day without the pens and see if that makes the difference.

Good detective work Mom!

Rocksee said...

You don't like the pens??? Brett LOVES them.

Shamae said...

Sorry you are having issues with these changes!! We never did use syringes with Syd...always the pen. But I have heard that sometimes for small amounts of insulin the syringes work better. Anyway, I hope you guys get it figured out better soon!! Hugs!