Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Can't Believe How Much I've Missed!

I got a call last night that the computer was fixed and picked it up this morning. At the first opportunity of quiet, I jumped on and just couldn't believe all of the news that I've missed out on! I feel SO behind! My laundry is caught up, though, and my house has stayed cleaner! :)

Jada had a dr.'s appointment today with Dr. W. Just her well child check and all went well. We discussed her low blood sugar episodes and Dr. W told me to just adjust the insulin to carb ratio as we need to. And because Jada usually just eats cereal for breakfast, she suggested finding some ways to add some extra fiber to slow down absorption. I so wish I were more of a morning person...if I took the time to cook her breakfast so she could have some protein like eggs, it would probably be better for her. I just have such a hard time rolling out of bed in the morning. We also scheduled her next diabetic check up for 2 months from now and it's at that appointment that we'll begin our serious talks about a pump! Woohoo! I'm so ready!

It is good to be back and blogging again. Hopefully, I'll be able to respond to everyone's post soon. We've been enjoying 3 days straight of snowfall...just beautiful, powdery snow. The roads have been bad and people are driving like maniacs, but that's pretty typical for the beginning of the winter season. We'll get more snow on the roads and they won't be so slick and in a few days, everyone will be used to it again. Our highs have been around 25 and lows into the single digits. I think I saw that next week, we'll be dipping below zero at night. Time to plug the vehicle in! Ahhh.....gotta love the winters here!


phonelady said...

oh wow snow how I long for snow . I am so glad I will get to expierience it again next winter when I move to columbus . I am so ready to go my dear . Oh well stay warm and be carefull . Much hugs and take care .

Melissa's Thoughts said...

high 25? my bones ache just thinking. I was cold with the house at 68 this morning. Ha. Sending you very warm thoughts.

Meri said...

Yay pump!

Boo cold!

Glad your back! :)

Diabetes Super MOM said...

Hi, I just found your cute blog. Such a darling little princess you have!

I really understand the morning thing. Mattie (11) is always high before and after b-fast. I work full time so it's hard to get up and make it. Keep up the good work! Your a cute mommy!