Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Little Bit of Catch Up

I've been absent lately. I know. When I'm on, it seems like I catch up on Facebook and just don't have time to sit and get my thoughts together to blog. We're doing well. Jada's numbers for the most part have been fairly stable....with the exception of a HI that we got yesterday, then after washing her hands, we got somewhere in the 360's. It was really rather random....she had been with me all morning and I know where the Easter candy was! And it was nowhere NEAR her! I think the ole' D monster just wanted to remind me that he's still there!

The other big, HUGE change coming for our family is that I am getting a JOB! I haven't worked outside our home since before David was born, so this will be an adjustment! The company I'm working for cleans and caters airplanes at the airport. As tourist season comes into full swing, I will be assisting elderly and handicapped in wheelchairs off and on the airplanes. It will be 3-4 days a week in the evening, so child care won't be an issue for the kids. And....there are flight benefits! :) I start next week!

If you remember a few months ago, my niece got married. Jeff's cousin from Seattle came up to photograph the wedding and posted a slide show of the wedding on her web site. There are a few photos of the girls in there and just wanted to share it. I know a few of you live in the Washington/Oregon area and if you ever need a photographer to capture moments/events, Kim is absolutely amazing! If you want to take a look, go here.

Well...that will catch you up a bit for now. Life here in the far north has been BUSY!


Reyna said...

YAY!!! Congrats on the job. The flight benefits will be awesome. Glad that the child-care thing won't be an issue. Sometimes I feel held back by that issue...I think I just need to take to plunge and do something besides subbing and working from home.

I cannot wait to hear how it all pans out.

Bethanne said...

I think it would be a neat job, something to keep you busy and you'll probably meet some cool people, too. ...possible some nasty ones, but that will make it interesting. :D

I'll pray the transition goes smoothly!!

Wendy said...

WOW!!!!! So exciting :) Be sure to talk to them along the way...ask them about their favorite memory as a teenager. I love working with the elderly at the bedside -- and hearing about their teen years totally cracks me up!

CONGRATS!!!!! Enjoy and I'll pray for a smooth transition.