Friday, March 26, 2010

A Shout Out

My friend Rachel at Sugar, Spice & More Things Nice celebrated her four year D-Anniversary this week....her date is just one day after Jada's, so I feel somewhat of a connection to her! I LOVE the post that she wrote in regards to the big D-day and just wanted to share. You can find Rachel HERE.



RFamHere said...

Wow! March 24th is also my diabetes anniversary! I've been Type 2 for two years now. It's also interesting that I *just* blogged a bit about it before coming over here.

RFamHere said...

I just re-read her post and realized that her anniversary date is actually March 23, not the 24th. Oops!

Rach said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!! That was really sweet of you, Amy! I feel blessed to be alive.