Sunday, June 28, 2009


Hmmm....where to begin. How about Thursday?
Thursday- Can I say migraine??? Ugh. I'm all to familiar with migraines and the one that struck me on Thursday was a DOOZY! I managed to make it through the morning- I actually took the kids to a free movie at the theater. The dark was good for me- but the noise? Not good for a migraine. When we got home- I crashed! Fortunately, Jada's numbers were near perfect that day- she hovered between 100-150 all afternoon long. Thank you Lord! By the time Jeff got home at 6, the kids were hungry and I really needed to be in a dark, quiet room. So- he took them out to eat and I slept. I LOVE my husband! He had been at work since 5:30 am- so he was worn out when he came home!
Friday- Clean up of the aftermath of my migraine. Being as I was on the couch and in bed all day Thursday, the havoc 4 children can wreak on a house is absolutely amazing! My morning started by cleaning the kitchen, then the living room and attempting to start on laundry. By 10 am, I was already worn out. My body feels the after effects of these things for at least 3 days. We were in desperate need of groceries! So- made up my list and headed to Sam's Club. We ate lunch there (cheapest place in Fairbanks to take the family- sad, I know!) and ran into some friends. Sarah and Jake were married when we lived here before and are now expecting their first little one. It's so cool to see them progressing through stages of life! :) We completely filled up the grocery cart and headed home. We really needed to go to Walmart, too, but my achy body could go no more! After rest and dinner, I took the kids to Pioneer Park. My USB cord has gone missing again, but will have pics to share later. Pioneer Park is a somewhat touristy place- they have shops to browse, a train to ride and several really nice playgrounds.
Saturday- Jeff didn't have to work until 3, which is almost like a day off to us. We ran a few errands in the morning, but then came home and I started in on laundry and did laundry all day long! I'm getting caught up- it's just taking a while! The kids and I hung out last night. Popped some popcorn and watched Disney. Total kids night for sure! :) I made it to bed by midnight- which is early for me anymore!
Sunday! Church. Journey Christian Church has become our Alaska family. I missed them so much when we moved and coming back to them WAS coming home. Jeff and I are getting itchy to really get involved again and it's time- we're here and we're settled- and his work will be slowing down. Next week I start teaching the 2's & 3's Sunday School for a month and by the time fall rolls around, we hope to be leading a small group. After church, we have just hung out. Doin' nothing- which I really needed. The kids and I took a walk after it quit raining and soon it will be time to put the girls to bed. Jeff closes the restaurant tonight and is off tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Amy said...

hmmm.....the links that I put in aren't working. Maybe I can fix it!

Wendy said...



I have quite a bit of that to catch up on here too. Glad to hear your migraine has subsided and you're getting back on your feet ;)

I'm so happy the family is doing well -- I love seeing your pics so find that USB cable stat!!!!


Shamae said...

Yeesh! What a weekend! I, too, get the occasional migraine and they knock me on my behind as well! Sounds like things are going well though...Jeff has a day off tomorrow! Can't beat that!

mom2wendy said...

I'm so happy that you have come home to the church that you love!!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I'm so glad you are all settled and life getting to normal for you guys. No hot date for me. LOL Thanks for that this morning. Must have been something in the blogging air this weekend to cause such awful headaches.

Rach said...

Can you get her on a CGM?