Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chena Lakes

Yesterday was hot enough- for Alaska- to go to the local beach! Yep- folks- a whopping 74 degrees here and people head for the water! The kids and I headed over to Chena Lakes rec area for an afternoon of sun and sand. As usual, when recreating, I worry if the d-monster is going to behave or decide to act up. Upon arrival, I checked Jada and she was 69- a little low, but nothing to panic about. I gave her a 100 calorie snack pack (those come in so handy!) and had her sit for a little bit before playing in the water. My mind went elsewhere while they were playing and I managed to forget to check her! Bad mom- I know- but obviously she was fine! By the time we left, she was at 112 and still full of energy. Jada fell asleep on the way home and by dinner she was 189. After dinner, we headed out for ice cream and she was at 212. The novolog just hadn't had the opportunity to work yet- but I knew that it would. We went to a local ice cream place called "Hot Licks" and they did have a sugar free pistachio ice cream. We got her a little cup and I crossed my fingers and hoped that we weren't setting her up for a high. We ran to Walmart, and then came home and got the kids ready for bed. After Jada brushed her teeth, she came to me saying she was "SO firsty mama!". Crap. I just knew she was high. Checked her- and what do you know- 79. And by the way she was acting, falling pretty quickly. So- I gave her a piece of bread and butter- brushed teeth AGAIN- and sent her off to bed. At her midnight check she was at 167 and she woke up at 180 this morning.
Here are some pics of our fun yesterday:

Eli being overly dramatic about "starving"- after he had eaten an entire bag of chips!

Gettin' some fuel!



Jen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

mom2wendy said...

I just saw on MSN that Fairbanks was one of the best places to go if one wanted to start over. Everytime I think I want to run away, I choose Alaska or Tonga. Glad that you had a good day. Your kids are so cute!

Wendy said...

Such cuties :) What a fantastic day...can't complain about those numbers! Keep enjoying that beaufiful family of yours!

Rocksee said...

YAY! I am glad everyone had a great time at Chena! That darn diabeties sneeks up on you. I had a huge high this week and I am not even sure what I did!

I saw too that Fairbanks was the best place to relocate on MSN. How great is that! God must be sending me a sign!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

Just when we think we have our kids figured out it switches on us. :) Christopher gets headaches when his sugar is high not low. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. They mean the world.