Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Back

What was the date of my last blog??? Hmmm....not sure.  It's been a few weeks.  A crazy, fun, joyful few weeks.  Christmas has gone by and a whole New Year has started.  We went to Iowa for a week and gained about 10 pounds- my mother made sure of that.  We went to Jeff's dad's and stayed a quick two nights with one afternoon spent at the Henry Doorly Zoo (which is THE most AMAZING zoo I've ever been to) in Omaha.  We got home from Iowa and pulled the boys out of public school- yes- I am happy- more like thrilled-to be a homeschooling mom again.  Our computer crashed ...and because of an unexpected gift, we were able to invest in a Mac!!!! Woohoo!    This weekend, my sister in law and her family from Little Rock spent a relaxing weekend with us and just left about 45 minutes ago.  After they left, Eli said to Jeff, "Daddy, these past couple of weeks have been REALLY fun!".  
I think I agree.

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Jill Johnson said...

Congratulations on the Mac!!!! Welcome to our world! :) And the HD Zoo is definitely awesome! We took Mallory to the zoo here last year; what a joke! We still laugh about it. The "monkey house" usually means a group of monkey's, not one. =p Not a single lion. One white tiger. It's like playing "Where's W@ldo" only "can you find an animal?" =p I hope I can get M to HD Zoo some day.