Saturday, December 13, 2008

Answered Prayer

Our oldest, David, turns 10 next week! Holy cow! Where has the time gone? He has grown into such a sweet young man and Jeff and I are so proud of him. He's the kind of boy that you want your daughter to grow up and marry. The only time he's prone to hit someone is if they have done something to cross his little sisters! He's the quiet kind of kid, too. Athletic- he's a great baseball player, but loves more than anything to have a good book in his hands.
He went to public school in Fairbanks, Alaska last year for a few months before we moved. Previous to that he had only been homeschooled. This year again, we enrolled him in public school. We had some concerns for him, because it takes him a while to get settled into a new routine and feel comfortable. He's not the kind of kid that will have ten friends the first day of school- that's our other boy, Eli. We knew that it would be a painful process to watch David go through those first few weeks of school and possibly not connect with some boys his age- it's just the nature of his personality. He always looks before he leaps and chooses his pals with caution. So, Jeff and I began to pray for him. We asked God to give David a good friend- a friend that came from a Christian home and that would be a positive influence. A week or so after school started, we began to hear about this boy named Joseph. As the weeks unfolded, we learned more and eventually met him after school one day. David told us that Joseph is a Christian and that his dad is a pastor! Ok- so far, so good. But how many pastor's kids do you know that were hell on wheels? I certainly have known a few in my time. As David's birthday approached, he asked if Joseph could celebrate with him at Incredible Pizza (it's like Chuck E Cheese- just way more cool). So, yesterday, Joseph came home with us after school and I got to know him a little better. Joseph is from South Korea, he moved here two years ago when his dad decided to go to school at Oral Roberts University. His dad is also a pastor at a local Korean church.
Well, Jeff took the boys to Incredible Pizza and the girls and I came home. Jeff later told me how the night went. He said when they found a spot to sit, the boys sat down with their food and Jeff went to get some drinks. As he was walking back, he looked across the room and saw these two precious boys, with their heads bowed, praying and thanking God for their food. Ten years old. In a public place. Not afraid to give thanks to the One True God. Jeff said at that moment, he knew that God had answered our prayers for David in a very special way.
I am often amazed in the ways that God works. The fact that He is concerned with every intimate detail of our life sometimes shakes me to the core. He knows David, He knows his every need and provides in every way. Maybe I shouldn't be so blown away by this. Many people would say that it's just a coincidence- that they just "happened" to become friends. I know better, because the God I serve has always proven Himself faithful to us and our family.


carrie said...

Amy, What a true gift from a loving Heavenly Father. God is so good and what a neat answer to prayer. Thank you for faithfully praying for your son. God will truly bless if we are willing to ask Him even for small things. Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

How very cool!

Lori said...

I am crying! He always answers our prayers in such sweet ways.

You realize you are doing an amazing job as his parents.