Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Over and We're on Our Own Again

Thanksgiving has come and gone- just like that. My sister, her husband and 3 kiddos were here. What an amazing weekend. Nothing huge happened- didn't do the Black Friday shopping thing. We just hung out. The kids played and didn't fight. My sis and I stayed up way too late on Thanksgiving night- it was 2:30 by the time we were in bed. Just talking- as unimportant the things were that we talked about, the talk itself was so important. I really felt connected to her.
On Thanksgiving, she and I pulled off the big meal all by ourselves. Neither of us had done that before. We pulled it off and it was GOOD! It made us feel quite grown up, actually! ;) It was soooo good, that the kids haven't objected to eating nothing but left overs since then. Nice.
They left to go home this morning. It's always sad to see my family go, even if I know they have to. It would have been a depressing weekend for me if they hadn't come- this weekend is one of the busiest for Jeff at work. A year ago, I was sitting in a hotel room in TX- bored- depressed out of my mind. In a HUGE city where know one knew me. So, I was-am-grateful for their presence over the course of the weeked. Can't wait to see them at Xmas time.
I'm falling asleep as I type, so I need to check Jada's blood and head to bed- unless she needs a snack! Her numbers, by the way, have been awesome! So grateful for many things, but Jada's great numbers top them all!


Jill Johnson said...

Hey, if you ever have no Thanksgiving plans, you can always hop on over to Tennessee and join us! It'd be cozy in our apt, but I can offer a late night chat, too! ;)

Amy said...

Awww...cozy is always good with us. My sis always teases me about our "large" family! We're cozy no matter where we are! :)