Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Day!

Today was to have been the day that we switched Jada's Lantus to an evening dosage. I had hoped to do it on Friday, but our dr. was out of town and she wanted to be available if there were any probems. Have I mentioned that I really like our new dr.? :) So, we agreed that today was it and that Jada would wake up and have a dose of NPH to get her through the day until bedtime, when we would give her the usual dose of Lantus. However, Jeff quickly reminded me that there was just NO WAY we would be able to make the switch today- because we were crazy busy! So what did we do today?

Two birthday parties, a wedding and a celebratory dinner for a friend who has accomplished one year of sobriety! Whewwww.........yes I'm tired tonight! Plus, we sold a vehicle and Jeff sold and delivered one cord of wood before we headed to the wedding.

Eli and David headed off to a birthday party for a friend from church. Swimming and waterslides at a local pool (obviously indoor!) then pizza and cake. Jeff and I didn't attend this one, but obviously, I had to drop them off and pick them up- just adding some craziness to the day.

Then- the girls and I took the van (we sold it because Jeff needs a truck) to the buyer's house where Jeff was unloading the cord of wood we also sold to them. Then off to the wedding.

At church last week, my friend Donna pulled me aside to tell me that she and her fiance had got their marriage license and that today would be the big day. I felt so honored because she was inviting just a few of her friends to witness the exchange of vows. So- I got to keep a wonderful secret this week! And at 1 pm today, I stood outside with Donna and Jim, a few of their friends and Donna's children and watched them become life partners. We were on the Parks Highway at a lookout over the Tanana River Valley. It was 30 degrees and snowing but I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Mary Beth and Jada were invited to our neighbor girl's birthday party. It was held at the bowling alley on the campus of the University of Alaska/Fairbanks-- we got there late but had a great time. We love our neighbors and feel so blessed to have good ones! Jada's blood sugar cooperated well and I was so glad that I could let her have pizza and cake without fretting about how her numbers would end up later Jeff and I ended up playing a game of bowling and I discovered that I should just really stick to bowling on the Wii! :)

Then, tonight, I was priveleged to attend a dinner at my favorite restaurant (The Pumphouse!). A bunch of gals from church gathered together to celebrate one year of sobriety for our friend Theresa! What a privilege to celebrate her victory and affirm her!

It was an incredibly busy day, but it was oh-so-good! I'm amazed at the people that God has brought into my life and feel so blessed. And...Jada's Lantus switch is on the docket for Monday now! :)


phonelady said...

amy it is snowing there already ? Oh my gosh I love it . I miss snow I saw plenty of it last yr while I was living in Ky and will miss it this yr but will watch it next winter cause I will be moving to columbus ohio next winter . I m going to love it i have lived there before . Oh hope you have a slower wk.

Wendy said...

WOW!!!! What a super busy day ;) It is SO wonderful to have such wonderful people to share a wonderful day.

Life first.

Diabetes will just have to wait.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

So busy~ Your husband made the right call. Glad you have a wonderful week and the kids too. Missed hearing from you and glad we are caught up. :)

Meri said...

Next time you have such a busy weekend, do what I did, just go away to a super relaxing location and let someone else run around! :)

But then you would have missed all those wonderful memories! Sounds busy, but a wonderful kind of busy!

Curly said...

Wow! What a day. Isn't it great to be surrounded by people that love to be surrounded by you!

~Kimberly said...

This was one of the most amazing posts I have ever read you post.
You never cease to amaze me, Amy.

I am SO glad that you were able to get to their wedding. Did you get pictures?