Friday, September 4, 2009

Silly Paranoid Rant

So...lately I've been paranoid that Jada has celiac disease. I know it's quite common among Type 1's and maybe I just feel like I'm waiting for the hammer to fall somewhere else. She's never had a screening done and I really think we need to.
Now...I'm not seeing any signs--all of her BM's look "normal" (sorry if I gross anyone out), she doesn't get bad tummy aches but I think what got me to thinking was her rate of growth. And of course, I've compared her to Mary Beth, who is built different and has grown several inches in the past couple of months. Jada has been wearing the same size of clothes FOREVER (4T) and I have kept wondering when the heck she was going to get a growth spurt. About a month ago, I had her try on a pair of 5T jeans and they were way too long. Tonight, I had her try them on again and they fit- perfectly! Finally. I was so relieved.
So...I know this all sounds pathetic and obviously, I can't diagnose her by looking at her poop! I'm just amazed at how my mind can take something and just run with it! All this to say, she has an appointment (finally!) in 2 weeks with our new doctor and I'm going to ask them to do a screening-- just so I know for sure and I can either get it out of my mind or deal with it if I need to.
Okay. I feel much better.

Kind of.


Meri said...

If it makes you feel better my 11 year old wore the same size shoes for 3 years. I'm totally serious!

I'm sorry you are worrying. That is so unfun!! :(

Wendy said...

(((HUGS))) It's crazy how us mamas always have something swirling in the brain!!!!!

I got your back if you need me! In the meantime, I'll pray for negative labs ;)

phonelady said...

I hope everything turns out okay . I m sure she is just fine and some kids just dont grow . My son did not grow for almost a yr and a half . some kids grow and some kids wait . My son is t1 too and his dr told me this . I hope you feel better soon and you know pretty soon . I will also pray that all the tests are neg .

mom2wendy said...

I pray for negative results also.
Wendy was always the smallest in her class. She really didn't catch up until HS. Although, now I know there really was a reason. One day, we will have the answers to all of these autoimmune illnesses. I know that someday the key will be found that will unravel the mystery. Until then, blessings, hugs, and hope.

Melissa's Thoughts said...

Christopher was alway small. When he lost so much weight at 15 months at the time of his diagnosis, I was stunned at his weight (15 lbs). Growing up I just knew I would have to take him to 1st grade in a car seat. (before that was normal). Now he is 5'11" and 140lbs. Perfect!! Jada will grow into herself when she is ready. :)

Rach said...

I worry about Celiac also. It seems to have strong connections to T1. Grrrrr.

Shamae said...

I worry about that stuff too Amy. I think it is just natural. That doesn't make it easier though!! Hugs to you!!!

Jill Johnson said...

Wow, I didn't know there was a link between celiac & T1D. I've never heard of the growth issue, either. But Ally has celiac, so I'm sure Alex would be glad to answer any questions in regards to going gluten-free and such if needed.