Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family Camp Photos

Good friends hangin' out!

Peas in a pod- Tony & Eli - they are indeed kindred spirits!

Breakfast outside- pancakes and sausage- mmmmm good!

So....what do you do when the camp generator breaks and you have NO ice and NO electricity to keep that insulin cool? Double bag it and stick it in the VERY cold lake- don't forget to tie it to something so it doesn't float away!

Lots of fun in the rafts- yes even I went out and could have stayed all day on that thing!

My littlest bathing beauty!

Let me introduce you to "Sheila the Moose". She hung around all weekend- and kept her distance, which was good. She had her side of the lake- we had ours.
They are really further apart than what this picture looks like. Notice her ears are perked up- she sees the kids and was very aware of all the people around her. I think she must have been very hot- because she wouldn't get out of the water!
Awww.......Marshmallows!! It was nearly bedtime and after playing hard all day- her blood sugar was at 100- so she got to have a few! And I still had to wake her to give her a snack at midnight!


Shamae said...

Fun stuff!! We are going to be camping next week and I am stoked! Yay!! Looks like you guys played hard!

Darling16 said...

Great photos ~ glad you had a great time. Roasted marshmallows ~ bonus!!

Jill Johnson said...

Great pics! So glad Jada got to have a treat, too!

Rocksee said...

Shelia the moose.. haha..

Shannon said...

Look at how beautiful it is there! Looks like you guys had fun! Love that you had to put the insulin in the water! LOL!

mom2wendy said...

Hey....my kind of place and my kind of people! Loved the photos, keep 'um coming.

Rachel said...

Looks like great fun!

Wendy said...

OMGsh!!!!!! You were camping with a MOOSE!!!!!!!

That's crazy...and so cool...and just so awesome all at the same time :)

I LOVE your pics...beautiful family, and a beutiful view of God's amazing creation!!!!!